KBC is all about excellence in the energy and chemical industry

Being operationally excellent means no safety incidents, no unplanned outages, rigorous adherence to operating plans, nimble response to changes and disturbances, a motivated and informed workforce and a culture of profitability. The enabler of this is digital transformation.

Our digital transformation solutions comprise leading software and expert services, powered by the cloud, to assure process operations achieve transformational outcomes. Delivering sustainable autonomous operations in the Energy Transition for improved profitability, higher capital efficiency and reinforced license to operate.

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Industrial Energy Transition

A range of possible scenarios may play out – doing nothing is the worst possible outcome

An evolution not revolution scenario will require cost efficiency and effective use of capital to compete against others in a gradually declining market.

A Plausible Disruption scenario sees much greater emphasis on renewable electrical energy use, both in industry and by end users.

In either scenario, energy efficiency offers the best ROI for delivering reductions of 10-20%, and reduces the future capex for electrification or carbon capture.

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Key steps for delivering autonomous operations

Achieving autonomous operations is all about empowering the plant to run, learn, adapt and thrive in tomorrow’s environment.

Dynamic real-time optimization gives a fast automated response based on the actual changes in raw material properties, product demand, and operating conditions.

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How to achieve autonomous operations

Joint webinar with KBC and Yokogawa

This webinar will showcase the value of a new, holistic and integrated approach to dynamic real-time optimization.

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Our software

Technology that underpins operational excellence

Our software is built to work the way you do, helping you to make confident decisions and execute perfectly. Enabling continuous monitoring of plant performance, it ensures that you achieve superior results, sustained

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Industry solutions

Making excellence real for our customers

Through the actions of our people fused with our technology and best practices, powered by the cloud. We provide the following for the Energy and Chemical industry:

  • Simulation, optimization, scheduling and production accounting software
  • Strategic and technical consulting services
  • Operational technology and IT services
  • Data and applications as cloud services
  • Advanced automation technologies

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KBC releases Petro-SIM 7

Feb 26, 2019

KBC releases Petro-SIM® 7 to disrupt traditional process simulation with exciting developments in the application of science, usability and digitalization. Building upon a trusted reputation and knowledge of the engineering science, KBC’s Petro-SIM 7 allows the Energy and Chemical industry to take its first real steps towards digitalization.

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Digitalization Manifesto

Aug 15, 2019

Digitalization allows you to manage day-to-day performance safely and reliably, respond to swings in market dynamics, operate at a true optimum, squeeze down on the gap between potential and realized margin, create more utility for the end customer / consumer, and outmaneuver competition. Find out about our view on Digitalization in our Digitalization Manifesto.

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KBC establishes Energy and Sustainability Co-Pilot hub in Singapore

Oct 22, 2018

The hub will reduce energy costs and emissions of Singapore-based companies by 10 per cent through delivery of energy management and optimization solutions and next generation analytics via the Cloud.

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