Turn Big Data Into Epic Insights

Transform the large amounts of data generated from production operations into valuable insights with KBC AcuityTM Operations Monitor. 

Bringing Decarbonization to Life TM

Navigation Experts VS Consultants

Transformation at any stage of the Energy Lifecycle requires a highly experienced and trusted partner relationship to collaborate with you to deliver seamless sustainable solutions.

We Have a History of Co-innovation for Success

KBC has its own technology to support these transition areas and works with many other technology partners from within the industry and outside, including substantial value-added technology from our parent company Yokogawa.

Our Processes

Our industry leading processes have resulted in 400+ million tonnes of CO2 avoided, and $28 billion in efficiency improvements to assets and plants. We have demonstrated and served over one-third of the world's carbon companies.

Sustainable Value

It’s not just in the completion of the projects, but in the value and sustainability our solutions we provide. Also knowing your solution partners are there with you for the life of the asset.

Understanding Your Journey

Our industry and technology experts come from the industry, and have the practical experience from having been or experienced your situation.

$28 Billion

efficiency improvements


of the worlds carbon companies served


real time energy optimization technology


top OECD oil companies use KBC’s DaaS

5 Million+

hours of practical industry experience

400 Million

tonnes of CO2 avoided

KBC In Numbers

We have been in business since 1979 working with customers around the world to improve their operations, asset reliability and safety. Everyone is focused on reducing their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. At KBC we can demonstrate results in helping customers achieve their net zero goals.