Transforming Existing Assets

Transform your existing operations and build scale economies across your technical talent by defining the economically optimal end-state of the digitalization and aligning to the pace of acceptable organizational change

Concept of digitization of business processes
digitalization phased approach diagram

The Digital Transformation Journey

Defining the path of digital transformation with phased, achievable and measurable outcomes as you build the underlying technology infrastructure and backbone, embed technology in the new ways of working while always retaining safe operations. 

Building the Business Case
Defining the Aspiration
Mitigating Implementation Risk
Implementation Support
business issues and priorities diagram

Our consultants engage to understand your business drivers, objectives and current assets to build the business case for change.  A full assessment of the current infrastructure and organizational capability sets the baseline to ensure the ROI and other strategic goals support the trade-off between CapEx and lower more predictable OpEx. 

Process industries DX maturity model

We design tailored, scaleable, achievable achievable goals to match your culture.  Economics and change resistance can limit the ability to achieve full autonomous operations.  What is the drawing line?  KBC's approach is to align all elements of digital transformation from infrastructure, capability and business objectives to the market environment and constraints to ensure success. 

Phased approach to digitalization

Phased implementation to achieve intermediate business goals that broadcast success.  A change management program at the frontline to enable a new way of working as capability is developed.  Robust Readiness Criteria before advancing to the next stage to ensure safe operations in transition. 

young business people group meeting

Results Delivery Office with programme management capability to direct technical and business workstreams. We ensure alignment with the corporate strategy and adjust the delivery to meet your needs and capability development. This ensures the final solution delivers on the value in the business case.