Energy Transition

Award-winning consulting & technology delivers real results across many industry verticals, resulting in over 400 million tonnes of CO2 avoided to date. KBC uses our parent company Yokogawa's first-class Automation and Advanced Process Control solutions to sustain these gains. KBC’s rise from within the industry over 40 years ago, is the industries most trusted partner to deliver sustainability solutions in the Energy Transition.

Globe Balancing between a Wind Turbine and CO2

Driving Success in Net Zero and Sustainability

KBC has robust underlying value processes and specific industry value, which, when combined, makes us leaders with deep expertise in Energy Transition and Energy & Process Management. Across many industrial verticals, both within and outside of hydrocarbons, KBC offers Energy Transformation consulting and technology.

Critically, we can also rapidly share best practices and techniques across many industry verticals to drive success in Net Zero and sustainability for our clients. We know how to Roadmap to Net Zero and beyond, to deploy novel technologies and automation solutions to surpass all expectations.

We combine know-how with technology solutions and automation to power our clients’ Energy Transition journeys and are passionate about driving sustainable change for the planet.

Industries Served in the Energy Transition

Oil & Gas

Locate and solve fugitive emissions while maximizing power generation and matching it to processing requirements. Use Integrated Asset Models to ensure the assets are highly efficient. Ensure Oil, Gas and LNG facilities are run at Scope 1 and Scope 2 minimum footprints while maintaining maximum production to fund sustainability.


Calculate, monitor and reduce carbon intensity across the refinery in a well planned strategy to transition to an energy complex. Ensure Scope 1 and Scope 2 reductions are met with ease while introducing new fuels and new processes for Scope 3 execution. Determine and achieve the best options using hydrogen, bio-fuels, e-fuels, methanol, gas turbines and renewables.


Target, plan and reduce the specific energy demand per tonne of petrochemical produced and reduce the amount of CO2 produced and emitted in the manufacturing process. Reduce Scope 1 emissions and eliminate Scope 2 by using new power generation methods such as high-efficiency gas turbines and advanced electrification of heat pumps and drive sets in the asset.


Understand, model and automate optimum power generation requirements from multiple routes, and manage the Energy Transition journey to renewables and high-efficiency low carbon sources. Match power requirements of demand and demonstrate viable switching to hydrogen, ammonia or synthetic methanol, or low carbon fuel fired turbines. Reduce carbon emissions and promote electrification of equipment.

Ethylene furnace diagram

Ethylene Furnace CO2 Emission Reduction

KBC is pioneering the use of Gas Turbines to produce power whilst using the hot, oxygen rich exhaust gas as a combustion air inlet to the cracking furnaces. The turbine exhaust gas effectively provides high-level air preheat reducing furnace fuel requirements reducing the ethylene specific energy requirements dramatically. Subsequently, this improves the total fuel conversion in the Gas Turbine and provides electric power for heat pumps and other drives sets. This results in more than $30M in improvements for energy efficiency and ~25% reduction in CO2 emission levels.


After or Change

GT Fuel Utilization Increase from 70% to 90%
Ethylene Specific Energy Demand from GT Decrease from 19% to 25% total savings
Energy saving w/GT Power for Heat Pumps Decrease from 25% to 30% total savings
Scope 1 Emission Reduction  Decrease from 5 to 15% total emissions 
With Scope 2 added emissions Decrease from 15% to 25% total emissions

Energy Transition in the Verticals

Before the internet and current technology, KBC led from within the industry to help others with energy efficiency.

A multi-dimensional Scope 1, 2 and 3 roadmap needs expert support and sustainable deployment. KBC has the people, processes and technology to align and drive your organization

With unique cross vertical knowledge, value based processes, and over 40 years of international experience in energy efficiency, combined with novel low and no carbon processes and world class  measurement, advanced process control, simulation and automation capability, makes KBC your perfect collaboration partner to support your Energy Transition journey, whatever stage you are in your roadmap.