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Yokogawa and KBC

Yokogawa, together with KBC's experience and company heritage, allows us to sit at the intersection between asset operating model design, the application of digital solutions & technologies, and embedding new work processes at the front line.

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KBC and Yokogawa bring a complete set of solutions and capabilities to enable digital transformation. KBC's technology-powered digital twins increase production efficiency, supported and embedded with a full set of Yokogawa automation technologies to provide operational transparency vertically and horizontally in the organization. In addition, Yokogawa technology and systems are used in unattended operations because they provide the highest reliability materials to reduce maintenance requirements.

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KBC Consulting brings a structured approach to digital transformation that ensures alignment with your long-term strategic objectives and a solution set that can be implemented at the lowest risk to obtain the highest value. KBC with Yokogawa is proficient in addressing the core production functions to unlock value through higher production efficiency. Our joint capabilities focus on establishing operational competencies in the production core and integrating them with the business needs. KBC's technical experts have been in management and frontline roles of operating companies with a wealth of experience in capability development. 

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We are fortunate to work with an extensive KBC and Yokogawa Partnership group to assist where a complementary technology or infrastructure is required to fill the gaps and ensure seamless implementations. In addition, as we are also independent vendors, we can offer a full array of partnering technology that may meet your needs.

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KBC works with clients and their partners to establish a collaborative environment, thus minimizing resource draws on your company. We can accommodate varying contracting strategies to ensure mutual delivery to meet your long-term objectives and short-term needs. Yokogawa has a philosophy of Co-Innovating with clients to push the technical boundaries within acceptable risk limits.