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Providing a common view of performance to stakeholders at all levels in an organization, KBC Value Kits provide a clear view of current performance, enabling you to identify and respond to deviations quicker, remain on plan for longer, and highlight key improvement opportunities. As a result, Value Kits are a key enabler of increasing and sustaining business value.

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Foundation for Performance Improvement

Standardized visualization and analytics quickly focus your resources on resolving high-value performance issues rather than data issues and analysis. They can be deployed quickly, reducing the time to generate value versus custom solutions typically considered in digital transformations.

The standard visualizations and analytics capture the knowledge of experienced subject matter experts, across important value-generating categories such as margin improvement, license to operate, and enabling improvement priorities to align with corporate goals.

Why KBC Value Kits?

Single Pane View of Asset Performance

Value kits eliminate siloed data and multiple applications that impede the rapid assessment of unit performance.

Actionable Insights

Value Kits capture the knowledge of experienced subject matter experts and present both analysis results and actions that generate value, mitigating the experience gap resulting from staff turnover and retirements.

Rapid Deployment

Value Kits are prebuilt, out-of-the-box, standard solutions that significantly accelerate the delivery of value over bespoke solutions.

Low Upfront Costs

Value Kits are offered as a subscription service, lowering upfront expenses compared to bespoke solutions.


Unit Kit subscriptions offer standard product updates that are easier to maintain and more cost-effective than custom solutions that consume resources.

Enabling Sustained Asset Performance Improvement with KBC Value Kits

More Effective Work Teams
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Work teams are responsible for ensuring the viability of assets. To achieve this goal, the team needs to understand what’s working and what’s not and establish a plan to make sustainable process improvements. Making improvements visible, tangible, and part of the team's work can help them create sustained asset performance improvements. This way the team can work together to understand progress, identify opportunities for improvement, and then track and maintain progress against targets. Teams working from a common understanding of asset performance can focus on performance improvement actions and troubleshooting rather than on data analysis.

Digital Twin Add-on

The benefits of a subscription service are becoming increasingly clear. They are one of the most practical ways to access and manage a company's most prized asset, its data. Generating value from your data faster and at a much lower upfront cost than custom solutions can help you improve asset performance, increase profitability, and optimize your processes. Furthermore, subscription services can be appealing to companies that require fast responses to rapidly changing market conditions because of their flexibility, scalability, and speed. 

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Data has become one of the company's most valuable assets. It serves as the resource for decision-making, innovation, and growth.

With IoT security concerns growing rapidly, businesses increasingly need to think about ways to protect their data. In addition to providing comprehensive security features, the OSIsoft (now part of AVEVA) PI platform is easy to implement, manage, and maintain. It offers a single pane of glass dashboard that provides complete visibility over the critical systems where data is stored and processed to increase security by identifying potential threats. Additionally, creating credentials for each user improves compliance with data privacy regulations and reduces data loss.

Value Kits

Fast and cost effective visualization of your process unit.

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Gabriel Bellido

Pre-Sales and Product Manager Digital Technology

Meet our expert on Digital Transformation and IIoT

"Value Kits are an accelerator of value. We know what it takes to have the different stakeholders agree on KPIs, on visualization, align on goals, get the implementers familiar with the business, and integrate disjointed digital initiatives. KBC's pre-packaged solution leverages the existing technology, that integrates, organizes, and prioritizes these KPIs and goals. KBC brings decades of expertise in data, process, assets, energy, business planning, safety, and supply chain, to build Value Kits that help bring the users' attention to business improvement opportunities."

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