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To increase operational efficiency, Multiflash® , a comprehensive PVT (Pressure, Volume, and Temperature) modeling and physical properties software, empowers engineers to predict the phase behavior and transport properties of complex fluids in oil and gas, refining, petrochemical & polymer, energy, and process industries.

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Thermodynamics and Physical Properties for Net Zero

Fluid modeling is carried out at various stages in design and operations. However, the lack of appropriate models and consistency across disciplines often causes delays, uncertainties, and costly mistakes. While this situation leads to excessive CAPEX/OPEX, it may also cause health and safety hazards and catastrophic damages to facilities.

Multiflash supports your organisation along its digital transformation and transition journey toward net zero by:

  • Accurately predicting phase behavior increasing operational efficiency.
  • Seamlessly integrating with other modeling tools providing effective collaboration.

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Multiflash PVT Modeling Software Benefits


Predict the physical properties and phase behavior of complex gas mixtures in carbon capture, utilization and storage, hydrogen production and transport, and other applications.

Real Fluids

Anticipate the phase behavior and transport properties of highly non-ideal fluids across the chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas industry, from the reservoir to refinery.

Flow Assurance

Accurately forecast the risks associated with the formation of pure solids, hydrates, wax, and asphaltenes while assessing mitigation or remediation strategies.

Embedded Applications

Integrate the threadsafe Multiflash PVT engine in workflow, software, or hardware solutions through the standard Cape-OPEN interface, native EXCEL® plugin, or standard APIs.

Asset Integrity

Predict the partitioning and phase behavior of hazardous substances to help asset integrity engineers and production chemists manage the risks to facilities.

Reservoir PVT Modeling

Characterize petroleum fluids through compositional or black oil data, and tune equations of state and physical properties models through PVT experiments.


Watch how Multiflash predicts the behaviour and properties of complex fluids for optimal design and operations.

Fast Fluid Characterization

Pontem Analytics, a consultancy working to support clients in the energy sector, needed a good understanding of the fluids they were working with to drive the design, concept, execution and operation of a project throughout its life of field. Multiflash is pivotal in helping Pontem Analytics understand fluids at an early stage of a project to address challenges the project will face. Using Multiflash with the Excel add in and other interfaces such as the new Python API, has allowed Pontem Analytics to write scripts to automate certain processes and run thousands of calculations, making tasks much faster and easier and generating insights that can feed into the engineering work.

Pontem Analytics was the first to use Multiflash in the cloud. By accessing Multiflash through the REST API they produced a dashboard enabling their clients to make flow assurance calculations on demand to mitigate risks such as the formation of hydrates in their assets. Through the web application, the user could interact directly with Multiflash to run calculations for risk evaluation at operating conditions, and gain a better understanding of the potential operating scenarios, giving engineering and production teams confidence in the production plan.

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Behnam Salimi

Product Manager - PVT Technology

Our expert on Multiflash

"Over the 30+ years of its development and market presence, Multiflash has established itself as one of the standards in PVT modeling across the process industry. The specialization and accuracy of predictions in applications such as flow assurance or process modeling have traditionally driven the evolution of the software. More recently, energy transition and digitalization have started to cause a shift in the focus of oil & gas, and process industries. Multiflash is at the forefront of this transition, with new applications and models, as well as innovative and more performative ways to access its capabilities across disciplines and platforms, to provide engineers with a truly unique solution for their needs of accurate predictions of phase behavior and physical properties."

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