Owners Technical Advisor

Whether generating responses to regulatory changes, creating strategic and business plans, or developing capital projects, the KBC process consulting team is ready to assist you. KBC will help you to optimize the future value of your asset, minimize project cost and lower emissions by making the best investment decisions supported by our process expertise and simulation technology.

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Project life cycle using conventional vs an integrated approach

Process Consulting Expertise

With the increasing complexity and size of investment for new capital projects, owners are seeking holistic technical and operational guidance to make better investment decisions and minimize rework with EPC.

KBC's Owners Technical Advisor (OTA) provides a holistic view and develops an integrated approach using subject-matter expertise for various technologies supplemented with rigorous process simulation tools. KBC's critical insights run across the process units and system boundaries to ensure proper integration at the different interfaces to minimize rework at later stages, which reduces costs and schedule delays at later stages of the project.

Why Choose KBC?

Improved Design Definition

KBC uses rigorous modeling to provide a solid foundation for analysis and design optimization, look at options to grow margins and reduce cost. One model through the design process. The limitations of linear programming (LP) models often result in inaccurate feed definition and other critical information.

Independent Licensor Selection

Use KBC process technology expertise for independent support for licensor selection. KBC methodology will rank the technology options to make the right investment decisions.

Integrated Complex Optimization

If you are integrating new facilities to existing ones, a rigorous complex-wide simulation model enables effective molecular management from crude assays through blending and petrochemical units for the whole integrated complex.

Emissions Reduction

KBC is determined to minimize energy costs and will consider the carbon intensity for your investment decisions.

Minimize Rework and Reduce Schedule

Our holistic and rigorous modeling approach from feedstock to products will reduce rework and delays.

Detailed Feasibility
EPC / Detailed Engineering
Pre-commissioning/ Commissioning and Start Up
OTA detailed feasibility diagram

KBC offers expertise, leading-edge tools and an independent vision to identify the lead technologies to select and optimize the complex design and utility configuration. Our industry wide experience is available to set the design basis and improve the safety and operability of the units as provided by the technology owners.

OTA Feed diagram

KBC provides owners with technical and economic viewpoints and needs through the Front-end Engineering activity to help optimize the integration of the various onsite / offsite design activities. Unbiased industry wide experience is available to set  the design basis and improve the safety and operability of the units as provided by the technology owners. Modeling can be upgraded to include control options as required and ESD plans reviewed.

OTA detailed engineering diagram

During EPC detailed design, KBC provides support for any engineering and mechanical question and special process inspection needs. KBC provides comprehensive operations training over and above the technology owner training.  

OTA Precommissioning diagram

Pre-commissioning / commissioning activities are key to a safer, reliable start up without shutdown and good on-oil service factor. KBC has both process, operations, training and mechanical expertise with extensive unit start up experience. This is vital to support the site and also act as a cold eyes review to EPC, and defect identification. KBC provides pre-commissioning technologies to provide the best monitoring tools and identify KPIs and IOWs targets. This can be reinforced by implementing a multi-year Technical Service Agreement (TSA).

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Andrew C H Layton

Principal Consultant - Technology Advisor

Meet our expert on Refining Process Technologies

"The OTA brings an independent perspective and global experience from working on similar technologies and projects worldwide. It's important that the OTA deploys a methodology combining subject matter expertise with rigorous tools to validate assumptions. As an OTA during licensor selection and design review, KBC has improved profitability and reduced capital cost across the entire lifecycle of refineries and petrochemical complexes."

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