Visual MESA Energy Management System

Decision-makers must optimally design and operate their industrial energy assets to remain competitive in today's emerging energy landscape. The Visual MESA® Energy Management System supports energy management system activities using past, present, and future information to operate efficiently by simultaneously reducing carbon emissions and economic costs.

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Visual MESA Energy Management System diagram

Integrated Energy System

The Visual MESA Energy Management System is the world's first integrated monitoring, scheduling, and real-time optimization technology for managing energy systems. It provides insights for minimal emissions and cost-effective energy production, distribution, scheduling, and trading. Taking real-time actions in an open loop or closed loop system to deliver fast and accurate operational decisions, Visual MESA Energy Management System (VM-ERTO, VM-EM, VM-MPO, VM-ECLRTO, VM-GEM), brings together first principle energy system digital twins, and multi-period optimization to proactively schedule, and operate at the lowest emissions and economic cost. Unit-wide or area-wide under a Virtual Power Plant scope spanning several geographically distributed assets. All while maintaining your license to operate.

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Why Visual MESA Energy Management System?

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management

Visual MESA GHG Emissions Management calculates, monitors and reports the energy system GHG emissions, providing actionable recommendations for operations and auditable reporting capabilities.

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Energy Real Time Optimizer (advisory mode, open loop)

Visual MESA Energy Real Time Optimizer (VM-ERTO) offers real-time solutions for modeling and optimizing energy systems, enabling sustained energy savings and emissions reduction over time.

Energy Closed Loop Real Time Optimizer (closed loop)

Visual MESA Energy Closed Loop Real Time Optimizer (VM-ECLRTO) offers close integration of real-time recommendations with a plant control system.

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Energy Monitor

Visual MESA Energy Monitor (VM-EM) enhances performance of energy systems by providing monitoring capabilities, including calculation of KPIs, tracking and alarming.

Multi Period Optimizer

Visual MESA Multi Period Optimizer (VM-MPO) offers autonomous real-time scheduling and planning capabilities for energy systems.

Real-time Decision Making
Assures Environmental Compliance
Optimized Energy System Operation
Automatically Adapts to Changes
Reductions in Energy Cost and Emissions
Visual MESA real time optimizer screenshot

Real-time, model-based, energy system digital twin provides optimal decision-making guidelines, either in an open or closed loop, for minimum emissions and cost operation.

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Visual MESA GHG Emissions Management screenshot shows assurance of environmental compliance

Visual MESA Energy Management System real-time models leverage significant data to facilitate progress on carbon emissions reduction and environmental regulations while improving profitability.

Visual MESA Energy Management System screenshot shows optimized energy system operation

Digital Twin model to help optimize, in real-time, energy system cost and carbon emissions, including Scopes 1 and 2.

Visual MESA Energy Management System screenshot shows it automatically adapts to changes

Visual MESA Energy Management System models are automatically adapted to changes in real-time, allowing for continuous optimization under the most diverse operational circumstances, including equipment or units shut down.

Visual MESA Energy Management System screenshot showing reductions in energy cost and emissions

Visual MESA Energy Management System minimizes energy and carbon emissions using its unique multi-objective optimization technology. As a result, project paybacks are averaging 6-12 months while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions.

Integrated scheduling and monitoring to optimize energy systems in real-time

See how operators using Visual MESA Energy Management System remain competitive in this newly emerging landscape by operating with speed and accuracy.

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Optimal Energy and Emissions Management During Energy Transition

Whether planning, monitoring, or managing a single site or a set of interconnected facilities in real-time, operators face several challenges when managing energy use. Difficulties emerge when coordinating information, forecasts, scheduling, and reporting while adhering to constraints and regulations. Learn on this webinar how an energy management system can help control these activities while lowering costs and GHG emissions.

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Carlos Ruiz - Profile Picture

Carlos Ruiz

Product Manager, Visual MESA Energy Management System

Meet our expert on Energy management

“When companies can manage energy provision and consumption in real-time, it is possible to reduce total energy use with just a few actions significantly. Area by area, a site can quickly improve efficiency and reduce consumption and emissions. At the same time, process plants, manufacturing sites, and communities must consider the best way to produce, store, distribute, and mix the available energy vectors in the context of the energy transition to zero GHG emissions.

Whether traditional, renewable, or both energy sources are used, there is a need to find an effective way to adapt to this new context by integrating these sources into the energy system infrastructure. The final objective is to simultaneously reduce cost and GHG emissions in the current context, during the transition to neutrality, and continue doing it when a distributed, renewables-based energy system operates long after.”

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Visual MESA Energy Management System Fact Sheet

Visual MESA Energy Management System helps sustain and continuously improve your energy system’s emissions, efficiency, and profitability in real-time, based on a digital twin model approach.