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We are privileged to work with the leaders in the global Energy and Chemical industry - multi-national, national and independent oil companies; integrated petrochemical and chemical producers and distributors; utility power generators and distributors; renewable energy generators and wholesalers. Our efforts have helped these corporations benefit from reduced operating costs, better yield profiles, improved and more reliable quality, greater operating flexibility and enhanced customer intimacy. Savings achieved to date exceed $20 billion.

Our partners and alliances


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KBC partners with Advisian, a division of WorleyParsons Group, to enable WorleyParsons engineers to use our world-class engineering simulation software in reservoir PVT, production and process facilities modelling. Additionally, Advisian leverages synergistic technical engineering and operational excellence consulting skillsets. Both companies share a vision of reservoir to market solution capability.


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Combining the unique expertise of its team with the unmatched forecasting capabilities of COILSIM1D, AVGI drives the petrochemical industry to optimize steam cracking and maximize economics.

Baker Hughes

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The partnership combines KBC’s Petro-SIM process simulation capabilities and deep hydrocarbon domain expertise with Baker Hughes’ upstream oil and gas expertise and analytics

Billington Process Technology

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KBC partners with Billington Process Technology to enable seamless integration between the OLGA Multiphase flow simulator from Schlumberger and the Petro-SIM process simulator to create integrated production models for high fidelity flow assurance and process control studies.


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The combination of Chevron’s PETRO LP (linear programming) technology with KBC’s world-class rigorous simulation and supply chain management technologies and services brings a new dimension to molecular management and value chain optimization for oil refinery and petrochemical plants. We're pleased to offer PETRO as an integrated component of our supply chain management technology portfolio.

Cost Engineering Consultancy

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The interoperability between Cleopatra Enterprise from Cost Engineering and Petro-SIM from KBC provides cost estimates at each Petro-SIM design iteration, improving cost estimating efficiencies and fidelity.

Flaretot Limited

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KBC partners with Flaretot Ltd for integrated hydraulic flare networks, vessel depressurization, relief valve sizing, radiant heat transfer and plume dispersion within the Petro-SIM process simulation environment.


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The combination and interoperability between XSimOp from HTRI and Petro-SIM from KBC enables more efficient delivery of high fidelity operational and design studies for process units. Process engineers are able to quickly investigate and analyze the performance of heat exchanger networks in a single simulation case thereby reducing overall design time, minimizing equipment over-design and ensuring design flexibility that appropriately accounts for process variability.


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KBC partners with Kongsberg to enable our powerful and versatile PVT and EOS modeling software package Multiflash to be embedded with Kongsberg Ledaflow for multiphase flow simulation of oil, water and gas in wells and pipelines. The partnership also integrates our steady state and dynamic process simulator Petro-SIM into Kongsberg's dynamic simulator K-Spice.


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KBC partners with McDermott (formerly CB&I) to provide PYPS+ kinetic ethylene furnace software within the Petro-SIM process simulation environment for integrated refinery-petrochemical modeling.


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The collaboration with MySep brings together market leading software for the design, evaluation and simulation of separation vessels such as separators and scrubbers with our world class process simulation, Petro-SIM, for holistic asset optimization.

OLI Systems

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Our collaboration with OLI Systems enhances our simulation application software for engineering design, debottlenecking, troubleshooting and optimization studies. This is through the interoperability of OLI Systems’ comprehensive electrolyte chemistry modeling, simulation, and analysis software package - the OLI Alliance Engine - and KBC’s Petro-SIM process simulation platform.


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KBC is a key implementer of applications focused on systematizing operational excellence built on OSIsoft’s PI System. We host PI to deliver our cloud services.

Phillip Townsend Associates

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PTAI is the trusted performance benchmarking partner with an unrelenting focus on delivering validated, comparative information that can easily be used to make decisions and take actions to improve performance across customer organizations. Through our partnership, we help clients achieve closure of their performance gaps in an effective and sustainable manner. The collaboration includes upstream oil and gas production, midstream oil and gas processing, LNG, oil refining, and petrochemicals.


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KBC partners with Schlumberger enabling our powerful and versatile PVT and EOS modeling software Multiflash to be embedded within Schlumberger PIPESIM and OLGA products for both steady state and dynamic multiphase flow simulation of oil, water and gas in wells and pipelines. Additionally, KBC embeds Schlumberger’s AMSIM amines thermodynamic system in Petro-SIM for CO2 removal systems and also PIPESYS for pipeline simulation.


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Wood (formerly Wood Group and Ingenious) embeds KBC’s Petro-SIM simulation engine inside its ProDyn training interface and learning management solutions.

Companies we work with

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