Visual MESA Production Accounting

High fidelity accounting data for industries facing transition

Visual MESA® Production Accounting software is the most advanced solution for production accounting, balance, and data reconciliation applications. For more than 20 years, our production accounting software has been the most widely used technology in Latin America, with a continuously growing global presence.

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Oil & gas Engineering Product of the Year Silver Award 2021
Digital refinery
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Best-In-Class Accounting and Reconciliation

Refineries adopt renewable fuels to mitigate climate change and minimize greenhouse gases across the entire supply chain. Thus, high-quality, shareable data is a key asset for accurate and timely decision-making. Visual MESA Production Accounting delivers production accounting data through the world's best-in-class data reconciliation algorithm to support accounting systems ranging from basic to complex environments in oil and gas and renewable fuels. The result is a single version of truth serving as the facility's balance and loss control initiative.

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Why Visual MESA Production Accounting?

Refinery Increases Productivity

Visual MESA Production Accounting integrates with business management systems to automate tasks while enhancing business processes, team collaboration, and productivity.

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Refinery Improves Business and Operations

Visual MESA Production Accounting separates accounting for multiple owners to help users make business and financial decisions that propel operations.

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Refinery Improves Data Reliability

Visual MESA Production Accounting simplifies a complex accounting scenario while supporting traceability for quality certification and improving security control and the plant's output.

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Best-in-Class Accounting and Data Reconciliation

Automatically identifies impediments to achieving and sustaining value system-wide by following best-in-class production accounting practices.

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One Real-time Version of the Truth
Process Unit Data Reconciliation
Oil Loss Reduction Initiatives
Products to Origin of Feed Tracking
Near Real-Time Production Back Allocation
Production accounting flow diagram

Traceability of feedstock batches including reception, blending, and manufacturing processes is key to refiners, especially in bio-fuels.

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Visual MESA Production Accounting

Uncover the hidden treasure in reconciled data to facilitate faster, more effective decision-making with greater accuracy for long-term sustainability.

Visual MESA GHG Emissions Management diagram

Emissions Accounting

Carbon accounting through reliable and transparent systems ultimately achieves transparency on the climate impact of companies.

As a single version of the truth, Visual MESA Production Accounting is a key component of the state-of-the-art Visual MESA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management solution and underpins the facilities material balance, loss control initiatives, and reliable data provider for auditable, official emissions reporting.

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Visual MESA Production Accounting overview

Visual MESA Production Accounting Technology

Visual MESA Production Accounting delivers a best-in-class approach to production accounting. It is a flexible, scalable, multi-purpose solution for production accounting as well as balance sheet and data reconciliation applications that houses a complete library of value-add functions.

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Visual MESA Production Accounting Helps South American Oil Company Improve Profitability

"Oil and Gas industries need accurate and traceable production data to operate efficiently. Even a small percentage of material loss has a major impact on profitability."

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Oscar Santollani, Former Vice President for KBC’s Visual MESA software product line.

Scheduling and accounting integrated workflow diagram

Automated Integrated Production Accounting System Provides Best-in-Class Operations for Industrial Environments

Visual MESA Production Accounting digitally manages and integrates scheduling and reconciled balance data into corporate systems. By creating a single source of truth between the asset and the supply chain, the oil and gas industry moves toward its digitalization goal of value chain optimization.

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Federico Neira - Profile Picture

Federico Neira

Product Manager Production Accounting, Visual MESA

Meet our expert on Mass Balance, Yield Accounting and Data Reconciliation

“We are seeing many customers downgrading the yield accounting business to “just an admin task” because they lack the tools to properly obtain value from the huge amount of data they generate. We can upgrade this process with Visual MESA Production Accounting software to a different level.”

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