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Visibility on remote asset performance – whether full or part owned - is essential in assuring planned investment returns are achieved. However, dealing with multiple assets, data sources and partner organizations to deliver relevant data and analytics to all stakeholders and work processes is complex.

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Consolidated View of Asset Performance

KBC AcuityTM Operations Monitor for Upstream has been designed with the wide spectrum of stakeholders in mind that are involved in the Oil & Gas Operations.

Collection of real-time or near real-time operating data is simplified with data consolidated in a central secure datastore, without new IT infrastructure investment.

Stakeholders access relevant data, analytics, and reports via a single environment - the KBC Acuity portal. Within the portal users can view trends and production reports, at an asset level or rolled up to multi-asset views.

Performance and alerts and notifications can be configured to advise stakeholders of situations that impact expected production, well ahead of typical production reporting cycles.

Simplified Remote Asset Performance Assurance

KBC Acuity Operations Monitor simplifies and streamlines data collection, analytics and delivery of decision support information while reducing the need for on-premises IT infrastructure and associated capital and support costs. 

Flexible, Secure Data Collection

KBC Acuity offers simplified, secure data collection from remote assets and business partners, and has the ability to handle a wide range of data sources, types and formats.

KBC Acuity Portal

A single pane of glass concept is used to visualize data and transform information for all stakeholders. Within the secure KBC Acuity Portal you can access data and analytics for all assets helping to simplify workflow support, self manage users and permissions and integrate additional analytics to grow capability.

Alerts and Notifications

Self-configure alerts and notifications for operating parameters and analytics results that trigger events and send notifications to stakeholders. Use the alerts to focus on the critical incidents that impact uptime and availability by reducing alerts to the most relevant anomalies and personnel.

Consolidated Production View

View production data by individual asset or roll-up to a corporate view. The preconfigured and ad-hoc reports enhance consolidation and grouping of assets, and allow you to view information for any equipment onboarded.

Mitigate Oil Production Decline

Reduce production losses using simple analytics to pinpoint anomalies while monitoring oil production data combined with automated alerts.

Overcoming Production Challenges Utilizing Near Real-time Data

In the competitive Oil & Gas landscape, siloed data is crippling efficiency. 

Discover how utilizing near real-time data can support your organization to improve its decision making, optimize production processes, and reduce costs. In this webinar we share innovative solutions to support you to overcome production challenges and a live demo of KBC AcuityTM Operations Monitoring and Virtual Flow Metering.

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