Operator Training Simulator

Realizing and Sustaining Competency While Promoting Proficiency

KBC has over four decades of deep expertise in developing training programs and industry-leading training content. It is based on this experience that has enabled us to deliver a training program that integrates program design with our high-fidelity operator training platform - Yokogawa OmegaLand.

OTS plant simulator

Virtual Plant to Train Operators

An operator training simulator is an accurate replica of plant behaviors and operational environments giving plant operators realistic and effective training. Yokogawa OmegaLand powered by Petro-SIM® process simulation is a virtual environment that facilitates training and knowledge sharing among plant operators focusing on plant start-up, shut-down, and normal plant operations. As well as preparing operators for emergency situations and how to respond when equipment malfunctions.

Multi-purpose Platform

The core simulation platform under-pinning our Operator Training Simulator platform can be shared between Process Simulation, OTS, Real-Time Optimization, LP Monitoring. Enabling optimization of your investment, reduced training, and easier maintenance.

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Training Experience

KBC has decades of experience developing training programs for the industry’s leading producers.

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Accelerated Competency Development

Accelerated implementation is possible with a Yokogawa control system, enabling quick and easy project delivery .

High Fidelity

Due to the Petro-SIM simulation core; the Operator Training Simulator has unparalleled accuracy that ensures a realistic training environment.

Combining the Best of Simulation, Control and Training

The combination of KBC and Yokogawa means we can provide the industry leading process simulation technology, with the decades of Yokogawa control and operator training simulator experience. Packaged together it supports the largest global companies in developing their training programs, SOP design, and overall competency assurance.

Accelerated Competency Development
Reduce Start-up and Commissioning Time
Multi-purpose Simulation Platform
Accelerated Implementation
ACT Training Path

Changes in staff performance put your operations plan and safety performance at risk. This variation in competency and performance levels is typically caused by substandard learning materials, inconsistent training practices, poor learner engagement, and a lack of performance management.

The challenge is to unlock the ambition of the younger generation joining your shift teams, accelerate capability transfer through structured pre-learning and blended learning techniques and shorten the time required off shift for classroom training. Improve reliability, capture margin, and reduce costs by developing shift team practices, operators who take ownership of equipment care in the field, and optimize your operations at the console.

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petrochemical industry plant with engineer standing in front

KBC experience has shown that early access to an operator training simulator before facility completion has enabled:

  1. Validation checking of all SOPs
  2. Facility operability checks (Process Design & Control Validation)
    • Transition conditions
    • Cold start-up
    • Controllability
  3. Controller tuning and alarm optimization
  4. Pre-training
  5. Control Room operator familiarity

This has resulted in:

  1. Reduced commissioning time and handover date
  2. Reduction in trips
  3. Faster uptime/utilization ramp
A hologram on a laptop drilling a well

The core simulation platform under-pinning our Operator Training Simulator system can be shared between multiple users enabling lower licensing and maintenance costs, and accelerated implementation.

Our platform covers:

  • Process Simulation
  • Digital Twin
  • OTS (Operator Training Simulation)
  • RTO (Real-Time Optimization)
  • LP Monitoring

Enabling optimization of your investment, reduced training, and easier maintenance.

Existing Petro-SIM and Yokogawa DCS/SIS clients are able to leverage our accelerated implemented project implementation methods.

The two largest technical tasks implementing a new high-fidelity operator training simulator are the underlying simulation model and replicating the control strategy/UI.

  1. Fully leverage your existing steady-state or dynamic Petro-SIM models for operator training simulator purposes, we will then enhance your models to add the specific need for your training purposes.
  2. For clients with Yokogawa Centum and/or Prosafe-RS, KBC is also able to import your existing control system configuration and user interface design.

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Petrochemical oil refinery

Flawless Refinery Start-up

A refinery and aromatics plant complex in Thailand had a legacy distributed control system (DCS) that had been in use for more than 10 years. They decided to replace the system with Yokogawa's CENTUM CS 3000. The challenge was to minimize the replacement period while ensuring that the refinery's operators could make the transition to the new system interface and operate the system safely. To facilitate this transition, the refinery decided to purchase the Yokogawa OmegaLand operator training simulator (OTS) and used it to confirm the functionality of the new DCS. In so doing the refinery project team was able to achieve a flawless start-up, with no losses or downtimes, and appreciated OTS's virtual test functions.

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Yokogawa Virtual Reality Operator Training Simulator

KBC's operator training simulator (OTS) with VR enables the field operators to gain a deep understanding of not just the procedure to follow; but how it would look and feel in the real-world giving them a deeper understanding of what to expect when they are encountering various situations. Additionally, it helps to nurture collaborative operations between multiple field and panel operators.

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Mr. Dang Quang Hung, Maintenance Division Manager, PetroVietnam

“We really value Yokogawa’s full support for the OTS project. We’re very happy and satisfied with the system. On behalf of the PVCFC team, we really appreciate that Yokogawa gave their best to help achieve our three criteria: service and product quality, adherence to project schedule, and greater cost savings.”

Mr. Dang Quang Hung, Maintenance Division Manager, PetroVietnam

Bradley Ford - Profile Picture

Bradley Ford

Regional Head

Meet our expert on organizational effectiveness

"In many facilities, the available workforce is shrinking, and teams are charged with managing ever more complex facilities, combined with increased levels of automation resulting in the high potential for a lack of knowledge, which is exasperated in times of difficulty. This has made the need for an operator training simulator (OTS) to be more critical than ever, to enable operations teams to explore and develop their knowledge in situations that they would only experience during a plant upset.

We are now seeing the next generation of OTS systems starting to come into reality, by combining leading-edge dynamic simulation with VR/AR; enabling integrated training of panel and field operations. KBC and Yokogawa are tackling this challenge, whilst also integrating decades of KBC experience building holistic competency development programs."

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