Digital Inventory Management

KBC Digital Inventory Management provides chemical consumers, producers, and distributors a single source of truth leading to substantial cost savings through improved inventory management. As a result of Digital Inventory Management, stakeholders gain greater insight into inventory requirements, eliminating confusion on order details, rush shipments, and excess inventory storage to improve efficiencies and cost savings.

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Optimize Your Supply Chain

As a result of Digital Inventory Management, supply chain optimization steps such as Just in Time Scheduling, Improved Truck Routing, and Smart Deliveries using multi-compartment trucks are made possible.

The Digital Inventory Management solution provides all stakeholders with a user-friendly and collaborative approach to supply chain optimization.   

Why KBC's Solution

Single Source of Truth

Remote Tank Monitoring eliminates the confusion in sharing inventory details with stakeholders.

Reduce Costs

Optimizing inventory management saves 20% - 40% of daily time and 5%-50% of freight costs.

Improve Safety

Eliminating the need to climb tanks reduces the risk of chemical exposure.

Low Upfront Costs

Decrease upfront costs with self-installation. Installation services available for an additional fee.

Designed to Fit Need

Available options include satellite and cellular for communications, battery and solar for power, and submersible pressure, ultrasonic, guided-wave, and radar for sensors.

Improve Collaboration and Reduce Costs with a Cloud Enabled Solution

Subscription Service
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Inventory management requires effective communication between multiple parties. To ensure accurate, up-to-date inventory information is maintained, team members must ensure accurate, up-to-date information is kept so that any unforeseen losses can be identified and minimized.

A low-cost subscription-based service enables businesses to easily scale the benefits of software solutions according to their needs while staying within budget. A business can benefit tremendously from this capability, enabling it to become more efficient, intelligent, and successful.

Cyber security and information or network protection

End-to-End encryption ensures maximum data security at all points of data transmission and storage from unauthorized individuals and organizations. Because encryption is a security function to protect the privacy of data, it is used in many different types of applications.

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Digital Inventory Management Improves Business Productivity

An industrial adhesive manufacturer with regionally based production facilities experienced high costs related to manual inventory management, customers running out of product, and unnecessary fees.

Their customer base has very small tanks and only 2 to 3 tanks per site. The smaller sites resulted in mostly empty multi-compartment trucks and spending a lot of time, effort, and money in delivering to one tank at a time.

After implementing the Digital Inventory Management solution, the productivity of their sales and technicians improved by 20-40% because inventory information was readily accessible. 

Their sales staff are now focused on selling and providing technical assistance to their customers – not managing inventories.