Value Chain Optimization

In the increasingly competitive environment, supply chains across single or multiple assets need to be viewed as more than feedstocks and products. Asset portfolios and their carbon emissions need to be considered as holistic optimization systems in which the value of all molecules is maximized and emissions are minimized. 

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Value Chain Optimization Cycle

KBC combines our consulting expertise with industry-leading technologies for asset-wide simulation, planning, scheduling, and production accounting to deliver integrated value chain optimization solutions. Our solutions are proven to increase margin and efficiency to help our clients outperform their competition and improve sustainability.

KBC has a track record as a world leader in delivering best-practice solutions for planning and scheduling optimization for the past 40+ years. Over this time, KBC value chain optimization solutions have evolved to be digitally enabled with our world-class tools, which help to underpin improved business processes, profitability, and sustainability.

Today KBC continues to provide thought leadership, empathize with our client's challenges, and provide hands-on support and world-class tools. We strive to provide best practice solutions for our clients and help them sustain a virtuous and robust value chain optimization plan – do – measure – improve cycle. Closing the loop on the value chain optimization cycle helps maximize value, reduce emissions and continuously improve in the increasingly competitive environment.

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Why KBC for Value Chain Optimization


KBC consultants have significant hands-on industry experience in operating companies' operational planning, scheduling, and strategic planning roles. This experience reinforces a collaborative and value-focused approach to the delivery of KBC solutions.


KBC’s value chain optimization consultants have a long and successful track record of OpX® (Operation Excellence) assessments of LP, Scheduling and value chain work processes for worldwide oil industry clients. Solutions range from individual process unit LP model upgrades to providing full value chain business process and tool improvements.

LP Expertise

KBC is a world leader in LP data generation from KBC’s simulation reactor models and Petro-SIM®. KBC has a track record with over 160 different sites and has built over 600 LP utilities to generate data for LP sub-models in PIMS, GRTMPS, and Petro LP software.

Enabling Technologies

Visual MESA® Supply Chain Scheduling to schedule and simulate feedstock and product operations. Visual MESA Production Accounting mass balance reconciliation as world class value chain optimization is built on robust data. PETRO LP to determine the most valuable operations parameters and mix of feedstocks and products.

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Peter Maling

Principal Consultant

Meet our expert on value chain optimization

"In the ongoing volatile market environment, maximizing the value from the integrated commercial, supply, and manufacturing system is key for companies to compete and thrive. KBC's expertise in value chain optimization business processes, enabled by world-class technologies, have a proven track record of adding and sustaining value even in the most challenging market conditions."

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