Process Optimization Solutions

Now, more than ever, assets need to sustain maximum return on capital employed to be the resilient cash engine to fund the investments for the energy transition. We partner with clients to achieve repeatable, sustainable and measurable improvements. Our process optimization solutions are digitally driven and enabled by a unique combination of subject matter expertise, best-in-class technology and methodology.

Driving Performance Improvement

For over 40 years, KBC has collaboratively worked with clients to drive performance improvement. Focusing on maximizing asset potential and investment project returns, we work with client teams using a proven structured process.

Our operational excellence best practices capture our extensive 'hands-on' industry knowledge, experience, and competence in all facets of optimization, operations, planning and project development. 

KBC's leading-edge technologies, Petro-SIM and Visual MESA Suite enable the evaluation of improvement opportunities with repeatable, measurable benefits delivered in a digital environment.

We embed a culture of continuous improvement into client organizations with the necessary processes and tools to deliver sustained performance improvement.

KBC's Process Optimization Suite of Services

Profit Improvement Program (PIP)

Our structured process focuses on maximizing revenues and minimizing costs. It enables consultants to identify sustainable opportunities with nill or minor capital investment. Our high-fidelity process simulation models evaluate options with an initial focus on quick wins to deliver superior returns.

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Strategic Energy Review

Whatever the price, environment energy is one of the largest operational costs and also a key source of emissions. KBC's focused approach targets the key areas for improvement and defines a long-term roadmap that delivers implemented improvement and clear long-term direction.

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Business Support

Whether generating responses to regulatory changes, creating strategic and business plans, or supporting you with a problem on an operating unit or on catalyst selection, KBC's experienced team is here to assist you. Our business support program is a structured arrangement to meet the fluid challenges you face, bringing the knowledge and experience as you need it.

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Our People

KBC’s consultants have deep industry experience, bringing a fresh and independent perspective and focus to identify and accelerate the implementation of practical solutions to unlock new areas of value.

Our Process

Process optimization has been a core activity for KBC since our foundation in 1979. KBC's methodologies are renowned for evaluating, delivering, and sustaining significant improvements to our client’s performance. We collaborate across organizations to embed a culture of continuous improvement.

Our Technology

KBC’s leading-edge technology suite is proven worldwide and is a key enabler in ensuring accurate benefit evaluation. Embedding new and improved work processes with our technology ensures the sustainment of performance improvement.

People, Process and Technology. The key enablers to gaining sustainable competitive advantage.

Iban Grau - Profile Picture

Iban Grau

Senior Staff Consultant

Meet our expert in refinery margin improvement

"Sustaining the highest level of performance on any asset or processing plant is critical for business success. Through KBC’s process optimization solutions, we partner with our clients to achieve their ambitions by delivering integrated, state-of-the-art process optimization, leveraging our unique combination of subject matter expertise and best-in-class technology. The result is a sustained margin improvement."

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