Visual MESA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management

Visual MESA® GHG Emissions Management software gathers and filters data, runs a model of energy sources, calculates the corresponding emissions, and optimizes alternative scenarios to reduce energy consumption and emissions to meet sustainability targets. It provides actionable recommendations for operations. 

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Real-time Monitoring and Optimization for Reducing and Reporting Carbon Footprint

Visual MESA GHG Emissions Management software continuously monitors emissions and energy consumption across the entire plant operations, giving you accurate, real-time data and alerts for decision making. Whether you choose cloud-based or on-premise, this solution with automated, auditable reporting enables you to both optimize energy and analyze Scope 1 and 2 emissions to identify and implement operational improvements to meet your energy savings and emissions reduction targets.

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Why Visual MESA GHG Emissions Management?

Real-time Emissions Monitoring

Tracks and records all energy sources - coal, NG, fuel gas, hydrogen, biomass, and biofuels - from one platform.

Reduce Emissions and Save Energy Option

Enhances transparency, trust, and reputation while exposing value chain hot spots, cost-cutting opportunities, and more.

Actionable Recommendations for Operations

Learn how a monitoring and optimization emission management solution can help reduce carbon footprint.

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Automated Auditable Reporting

Ensures mandatory compliance, auditability and standardization functions.

Sustainable development and business based on renewable energy

Manage Emissions with Accuracy

Reporting and allocating emissions properly can be difficult if you are using average annual emissions. Our real-time emissions management software gives you the tools to accurately monitor, account, and report on emissions.

Watch our webinar to understand how our emissions management software enables you to both optimize energy and analyze Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

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Brazilian Refinery

“We are very satisfied with the job performed by KBC on implementing this emissions management solution. The attention to detail and professional support was essential to achieve our goals.”

Brazilian Refinery

Pablo Jimenez-Asenjo - Profile Picture

Pablo Jimenez-Asenjo

Global Visual MESA Business Line Leader

Meet our expert in Visual MESA GHG Emissions Management

“In some cases, lenders are now rewarding companies that disclose their GHG emissions with higher credit ratings. Real-time monitoring of emissions throughout the plant, from raw materials to disposal, enables operators to identify gaps and take immediate action to meet emissions reduction targets."

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