Simulation Software for Decarbonization

The KBC portfolio of simulation software - Maximus®, Multiflash®, Petro-SIM®, and Visual MESA ® - allows rigorous and detailed modeling of the entire asset, from production wells to carbon injection wells, through processing facilities, LNG, refining, petrochemicals, energy utilities, and carbon capture processes, with common, accurate thermodynamics, in steady states, dynamic or life of field, to provide engineers with unique insights for optima design and operations management in their journey towards net-zero.

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Plan and Manage Your Journey to Net-Zero

Industries are under tremendous pressure to reduce their greenhouse emissions. The goal to achieve net zero is 2050. Various governments, to some degree, are penalizing companies that do not meet standards. However, engineers struggle to predict the behavior of their production and processing assets from the point of view of energy and emissions reduction management at the right level of accuracy and with the right level of detail. This causes the adoption of suboptimal strategies for energy usage optimization, emissions reduction, carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) projects.

The KBC simulation software suite is an integrated portfolio of modeling and simulation tools, allowing to model production, processing, and energy utilities and carbon capture, transport, and storage, with a high level of accuracy and rigorous thermodynamic modeling, providing a complete solution to engineers, operators, and management looking to elaborate and execute the correct strategy for energy transition and decarbonization projects. Through high levels of accuracy and integration capabilities, KBC's simulation software suite enables the evaluation of risks associated with flow assurance, asset performance and integrity, and constitutes a trusted source of information in design and operations.

Robust and Accurate Carbon Capturing Software Technology Solutions

IA(E)M Integrated Asset and Energy Modeling

The KBC modeling suite provides an integrated platform to simulate the entire asset, from production to process, including the energy utilities, for applications in oil and gas, refining, gas processing, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), chemicals, and petrochemicals industries. In addition, the native integration of Multiflash thermodynamics allows the utilization of consistent fluid modeling across disciplines, providing certainty and reliability, making the KBC modeling suite the sole, trusted source of truth in design, operations, and optimization.

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CCUS Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

The KBC software suite allows rigorous and accurate modeling of the entire carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) process, from capture at the source to storage in the reservoir (Maximus). In addition, the unique blend of advanced thermodynamics (Multiflash), accurate thermo-hydraulics, and detailed process modeling (Petro-SIM) provides a unique holistic solution to determine the true effectiveness and feasibility of CCUS projects.

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Asset Integrity

Through the native integration of Multiflash and OLI, the KBC software suite provides a unique capability to represent the entire asset in full compositional details, allowing engineers to evaluate, mitigate and monitor risks to the integrity of the facilities such as due to the formation of solids and flow assurance (e.g., hydrates, solid CO2, etc.), corrosion and erosion, which are often an integral part of any CCS, hydrogen production or energy optimization project. Accurate process simulation when combined with KBC and Yokogawa's asset monitoring solutions, can provide many valuable insights.

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Integrated Digital Twin

Through a native integration with historian’s databases and SCADA software, the utilization of data reconciliation, real-time optimization, and analytics, the KBC software suite constitutes an off-the-shelf, ready-to-deploy digital twin platform. This allows engineers to translate design considerations, knowledge, and risks mitigation strategies directly into automated workflows to manage, optimize operations and save energy, contributing to the overall de-risking of projects and effectively accompanying operators along their journey to net zero from early stages of design to monitoring, management and optimization of operations.

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Energy Optimization - The First Step Towards Decarbonization

Maximizing energy efficiency is a quick win for an organization to reduce operating costs and emissions, regardless of the carbon price. While this can motivate companies to optimize their operation's energy use, the reality is that emissions come from the combustion of any type of fuel. In order to reduce the carbon intensity (CI) of a liquid fuel, phased programs like co-processing to 100% processing of biofuels are underway. 

Best Technology Index Tool
Heat Integration Tools
Emissions Reporting
Thermodynamics That Matter
Energy Real Time Optimizer
Best Technology Index Calculator

Using the Best Technology Index tool in Petro-SIM for energy benchmarking leads to gap analysis, and will identify no-cost quick wins and capital-intensive projects to close any gaps.

HX Monitor

Petro-SIM process simulation uses other KBC products, SuperTarget® and HX-Monitor, to analyze the energy vs yields trade-off to ensure that processes and energy work in tandem to provide users with the optimized option.

Combustion emissions report

Auditable emissions reporting produces compliant reports for the authorities, and at the same time provides manageable actions to reduce emissions.

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Balance the pressure and flow rates over the entire network, from capture, to transport, to injection in the reservoir. Evaluate the risks to the asset, the dehydration and compression requirements, and correct sizing of the facilities, as it changes over time.

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Thermo CCS

The presence of impurities or traces of water may strongly affect the design and management of the facilities especially in hydrogen production, CCS, steam and energy management. Multiflash provides a consistent and rigorous thermodynamic modeling throughout, when and where it matters most.

Visual MESA Energy Management System diagram

Visual MESA Energy Real Time Optimization, in open or closed loop, is the leading real-time digital twin for energy systems optimization allowing industrial sites to save energy from operating the plant optimally.

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