Digital Transformation Technology

At KBC we define Digital Transformation as leveraging technology, coupled with skilled people and revised ways of working, to achieve a breakthrough in business performance. Our clients define what breakthrough performance might be, from enabling their decarbonization ambition, to driving sustainable reduction of the cost structure, to re-imagining the competency and capability their company is built upon. However, you may be approaching the topic of digital transformation we will partner with you to realize your success.

Digital transformation concept
digitally wide decision making cycle

Technology Enabling Your Digital Transformation Journey

KBC invests and believes in Technology. Certainly not in isolation – we need great people with world-class processes to benefit from the technology. But enough that we take the Technology seriously in its own right.

Being “Digitally Wise” will ensure that digital investments made, generate the value expected.

Studies have shown the opposite is also true – not linking the Digital Transformation activity to value is one of three common causes for why around 70%* of Digital Transformation projects fail.

KBC and Yokogawa capability diagram

Think ‘Sensor to Enterprise’ to Maximize Value

A successful transformation identifies the target business outcomes and aligns organizational decision-making, work processes, and supporting data needs to that outcome.

Employing ’Sensor to Enterprise’ thinking provides a framework for identifying the technology and infrastructure required to capture underlying data, analysis and operational technologies that enable the transformation.

KBC and our parent company Yokogawa are uniquely positioned to provide this range of Technology support.

Roadmap to success

A Roadmap for Success

The priorities, ultimate destination, and value generated depend on your specific transformation objective and starting points. For new facilities maximum automation and autonomy may be the goal, where as for a brownfield facility, that level of autonomy may not be practical or economical.

For digitally mature organizations highly integrated solutions may be successfully deployed, but for immature organizations point solutions may be more appropriate.

KBC’s Roadmap for success identifies the value of delivering checkpoints common to many transformation journeys. KBC and Yokogawa provide technology that creates value at each checkpoint.

Cloud Solutions

KBC cloud solutions simplify and streamline the creation and delivery of decision-support information to decision-makers in a range of workflows and applications.

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Digital Services

The Digital Services team at KBC is designed to give clients the information and resources needed to understand their digital transformation process through all steps in the digitalization process.

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Value Kits

KBC Value Kits provide a common view of performance to stakeholders at all levels in an organization, highlighting key improvement opportunities.

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Digital Twin

The KBC Digital Twin, with a process simulation/production model at its core, is a powerful tool to help design, monitor, troubleshoot, optimize, forecast, and plan single unit and full asset performance.

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Cloud Based Equipment Monitoring

The Asset Monitoring Application assists operators and engineers to improve the monitoring of assets previously only managed by operator rounds, to proactively limit unplanned downtime events.

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Digital Inventory Management

KBC Digital Inventory Management solution provides all stakeholders with a user-friendly and collaborative approach to supply chain optimization.

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Yokogawa Digitalization and Industrial Autonomy Technologies

By combining an understanding of our customers’ businesses, automation, and operational technologies with the latest digital technologies, Yokogawa supports your journey toward sustainable, smart, and autonomous operations.

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