Process Optimization Technology

As the world’s leading process simulation software for operational troubleshooting, scenario analysis, planning, and optimization, KBC’s simulation software can enable you to determine your pathway to Net Zero options along with your daily optimal operating modes and conditions.

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Accurate and Consistent Simulation Models

KBC is steadily working towards our vision of enabling all our simulation models to be automatically self-updating. Creating always accurate simulation models and process digital twins to provide a consistent basis for up to the minute decision-making by many departments and disciplines. This also enables your valuable technical simulation resources to be more productive with their limited time. A true One Model, Many Uses solution.


Model your assets over their complete lifetime to assess and compare various decarbonization options and strategies. With the expert assistance and guidance of KBC’s global best practice consulting or with your own team assess and compare the best CCUS technologies for your application, their lifecycle cumulative emissions, their Capex and Opex, and clearly plot your pathway to Net Zero.

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Oil & Gas

Assess field development plans using KBC’s life of field simulation capabilities. One simulation model can model the reservoir, wells, gathering systems, facilities, gas pipeline to LNG plant; including CCUS to Geosequestration. This includes details of energy integration, instantaneous and lifetime cumulative emissions, wax, hydrates, asphaltenes, Mercury, slugging, and corrosion all with consistent thermodynamics and property prediction.

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KBC is recognized for its global best-in-class refinery reactor and refinery-wide simulation capabilities. Providing all your refinery process troubleshooting, planning and optimization needs with award-winning process digital twins kept permanently and automatically up to date to enable your digitalization vision from simulation to a fully integrated technology stack. Our consultants can assist with your road mapping.

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From the highly energy-intensive stream crackers, with their requirements for integrated heat optimization, emissions prediction, and minimization, through the petrochemical supply chain to polymer production, our full supply chain process modeling capabilities provide a solution for all your process troubleshooting, planning, and optimization needs. Our specialist polymer modeling capabilities include plastics recycling technologies to enable the circular economy.

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