KBC Acuity Virtual Flow Meter

Understanding how actual production tracks against planned production in near real time provides confidence that production plans will be met, or accelerate mitigating actions.

Visibility on asset performance – whether full or part owned - is essential in assuring expected investment returns are achieved. And while operating data reports current production, model based data provides a validation point by predicting what production should be reported. For JV partners, this information is particularly important when evaluating reported production allocations.

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Measuring digital flowmeter
Acuity Virtual Flow Meter diagram

The Virtual Flowmeter Use Case

Operators have access to relevant data from the producing asset, including operating pressures and temperatures at different points of the production facilities. However, flow rate is often only available as cumulative data for an entire asset, through a direct measurement of gas, liquid and water volumes produced at the separator.  Unless Multi-Phase Flow Meters are installed in every well and facility, no information is generally available on the amounts produced by each specific well. Furthermore, no detailed information on the fraction of each phase is generally available.

The integration of operating data acquired by KBC AcuityTM Operations Monitor and KBC process and production simulators, enable real time or look-ahead predictions of specific well production. This allows early and informed decision making to provide valuable KPIs for production optimization and setting of operating targets.

Remote Asset Performance Assurance, Simplified

KBC Acuity Virtual Flowmeter combines the production monitoring and reporting capabilities of KBC Acuity Operations Monitor with KBC’s leading process and production simulators to estimate well production from operating data, to deliver confidence in production reporting without the need for very expensive multiphase flow meters.

Leveraging KBC Acuity Operations Monitor

KBC Acuity Operations Monitor simplifies and streamlines data collection, analytics and delivery of decision support information while reducing the need for on-premises IT infrastructure and associated capital and support costs.

Simulation Core

The KBC Acuity Virtual Flowmeter combines the production monitoring capabilities around the Operations Monitoring application with the simulation capabilities of KBC’s class-leading process and production simulators (Maximus and Multiflash) to support engineers in correctly determining the production of each well.

KBC Acuity Portal

The Acuity portal provides a single environment for accessing both operating and virtual flowmeter data. The trending and reporting tools enable comparative and consolidated views, simplifying workflows for users.

Scalable Deployment

Easily add virtual flowmeter capability for the assets where it adds most value.

Alessandro Speranza - Profile Picture

Alessandro Speranza

Global Portfolio Manager

Meet our expert on flowmeter technology

"The correct estimation and allocation of production and throughput is key to unlocking the full potential of an asset. The development of our Virtual Flow Meter technology complements our data management and visualization offering, and represents a corner stone in our journey to provide our clients with a full suite of integrated products and solutions aimed at production and process management and optimization, remote control and automation and accompany them along their journey towards decarbonization and digital transformation. The combination of our unique data service, with our first class production and process modeling, flow assurance, thermodynamics and analytics offerings empowers engineers with wider and deeper insights, to optimally manage their asset, respond to changes in a more agile way and make better decisions faster."

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