How to Improve Energy Performance with Advanced KPI Modeling

1 hour

This webinar will show the capabilities of Visual MESA® to be used as an engine for a wide variety of KPIs, focused on energy. The session will cover an introduction to the Visual MESA Energy Management System, and a review of the basics through the advanced functionalities of the KPI sensors. Examples of common uses of Visual MESA will be shown to calculate:

  • Plant Wide Energy Indicators
  • Equipment Efficiency Indicators
  • Steam, Fuel, and Power utilization in the process plants
  • Targets and Lost opportunity
  • Utilities Process Plant Cost

We'll showcase the new capability of connecting Visual MESA with Petro-SIM® process simulation models to predict energy demand from process units according to operating parameters, and therefore integrating the optimization of energy supply and demand.

The presentation will end with examples of KPI calculations applied to renewables.