Greenfield and New Start-up Businesses

Future proofing your business model for the next generation of employees and ensuring you have all the competencies to operate your asset safely, reliably, and profitably after Day 1.

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Building the Business and the Asset 

Together with Yokogawa, KBC brings a competency based Operations Readiness approach and a Systems to Enterprise design in the early design stages to minimize capital costs and deliver maximum value post commissioning and start-up. Our participation in the design stage ensures your longer-term business strategy is built into the asset to avoid a costly and uneconomic revamp later. Our focus is on your ‘maximum performance for the next 20 years and beyond, not the short term. Yokogawa and KBC demonstrate maximum functionality, usability, and supportability options, giving you control over what the automation will be at go-live. In addition, Yokogawa directs standardization and minimizes the involvement of too many people. 

Systems to Enterprise Design
Defining the Business Model and Pre-FID Support
Competency Based Operations Readiness
Implementation Support
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Automation is the central nervous system of your operations.  The components are:

  • Distributed sensory inputs
  • Multi-lobed brain for knowledge, wisdom, and learning
  • Involuntary and voluntary outputs
  • Verbal and written communications
  • Wrapped in protection

KBC's integrated design embeds the latest automation technologies to bring agility to operations and minimize field presence.  Remote operation centers require significant technology infrastructure but allow you to attract and retain talent while reducing your carbon footprint. With Yokogawa as the MAC and KBC as the business advisor, you have a single integrated supplier for the central nervous system.

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Yokogawa and KBC assist you in developing a credible story for investors and stakeholders to assure cash flow post-start-up. We understand your business opportunities and constraints and will build a future-proof business model that will survive the next 20+ years of operations. Assets are being built in more remote locations, making attracting and retaining talent more difficult. Borrowing from Offshore Oil and Gas technology and expertise, our business model can minimize the field presence and support remote operations. 

Our pre-FID engagement defines the functional organization, provides a first cut of manpower estimates, executive-level job descriptions, a technology landscape, and the plan for implementation.

operational competencies framework

We have a competency based model that exceeds ISO 55001 and IAM for operational integrity assurance.  We ensure you have all the necessary production centered business processes that deliver business outcomes.  We have a structured approach to define the way of working, establishing the roles and responsibilities, embedding the technology, and building the required workforce competencies. Whether you outsource or insource these capabilities, they must work in tandem to meet stakeholder expectations. 

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Operations Readiness Assurance program management ensures the business is ready at commissioning, start-up, and handover of the asset. Building the organization requires flexibility that is not in the EPC schedule but must be completed before start-up. Accelerating capability development and IT/OT integration requires technical and business experience to manage the critical path and mitigate risks. KBC's experts advise the executive management on critical decisions with lifecycle impacts to the value of the enterprise.