Simplified Meter Data Access at Scale

MeterShare acts as a data broker and reporting platform for mid-stream metering systems. It simplifies the management and reporting of meter data from large pipeline systems that may have thousands of meters and hundreds of stakeholders that need on demand access to supply and usage reports and trends.

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Data Sharing Made Easy

Pipeline systems span large distances, serving large numbers of operators, producers and consumers. Metering is important for both operations and commercial perspectives as producers and consumers need access to meter data to see trends and reconcile volumes.

For the operator managing the measurements and meter data it represents a data management and support challenge, requiring IT Infrastructure and support staff to handle queries from stakeholders.

MeterShare simplifies the data sharing and management for both operators and stakeholders, by utilizing the KBC cloud infrastructure to deliver secure collection, management, and sharing of data. The data management workflow is automated and users access self-serve reporting via a secure website. This eliminates IT infrastructure and support costs for the operator while improving the stakeholder service experience.

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Why Use MeterShare?

Reduced Costs

Lower IT infrastructure and support team costs for operators through use of KBC’s Secure Cloud Managed Services.

Simple Scalability

Automated onboarding of meters and customer configuration simplifies management of meters and users.

Secure Cloud Solution

Multi-level, cyber security layers protects infrastructure and operations against threats while meeting governance and compliance. Over 20 years of operations experience.

Visualization and Reporting

Permissions based access to meter trends and reports allows users to get to their information quickly and easily.

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