Asset Management Technology

Prolonging asset life and being able to effectively schedule planned maintenance saves a huge amount of money, time and resources.

Factory worker in protective clothing
Two industrial workers in a refinery

Optimized Asset Management

Both unplanned shutdowns and unnecessary maintenance can be very costly. With an effective combination of specialist consulting, measurement, simulation and ML improved prediction of asset time to failure can be achieved. This includes rotating equipment, corrosion prediction, gas turbines, wax and asphaltene formation and build up, heat exchanger fouling, catalyst life prediction and furnace coke formation prediction. 

Corrosion Management

Turn unplanned shutdowns into scheduled shutdowns. Unplanned shutdowns due to corrosion cost the process industries billions of dollar p.a. and can cause very serious threats to safety. Predicting failure due to corrosion is complicated as it is a cumulative process, over widely varying periods of time depending on the process conditions. Some extremely corrosive process conditions are not possible to measure effectively. Using process simulation is an effective tool to predict corrosive process conditions and to provide a way of estimating cumulative corrosion.

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Cloud Based Monitoring

Cloud based monitoring offers rapid deployment without the need for your own IT infrastructure. It is also completely scalable. Only as much as you need. KBC's data management and analytics capability combined with Yokogawa’s extensive range of wireless instruments and edge devices provides a total cloud based monitoring solution. Being able to integrate existing data into a solution and being able to use any cloud is also very valuable for many customers who already have some of the required infrastructure in place.

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Value Kits

Value Kits bring fast and cost-effective visualization of your process unit. Stakeholders across the organization will have a common view of current performance and can quickly and easily identify and respond to deviations. Helping you to improve reliability and increase and sustain business value.

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