AI Powered Digital Twin

KBC AcuityTM Process Twin Pro is a cloud-based, AI powered application that consistently tracks the health of KBC digital twins in real time and keeps them updated to improve efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

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Drive Autonomous Operations with AI

KBC Acuity Process Twin Pro is an advanced version of our Digital Twin. Built on the Yokogawa cloud platform and powered by C3 AI, it automates the workflows required for monitoring and maintaining digital twins for zero value leakage. In this way, Process Twin Pro ensures that your digital twin provides consistent value by keeping models up-to-date to meet the production plan and ensure a profitable process. 

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Unify Models in One Single Platform

Transform work processes with a solution that allows users to unify the collection of data, and the monitoring and maintenance of one, or multiple assets across refining sites, into a centralized cloud platform. Manual workflows are eliminated by KBC Acuity Process Twin Pro consistently monitoring the health index of models, automating model re-calibration and re-tuning and seamlessly integrating with KBC digital twins.

Why Choose our AI powered Process Twin Pro

KBC Acuity Process Twin Pro can combine multiple digital twin models and integrate with software applications to provide data intelligence and model insights to support decision making and advanced levels of automation and autonomy.

Push the Operating Envelope

Improve profit with consistent and up-to-date models that allow you to reduce the disparity between planned and actual production.

Save Time

Maintaining models and keeping them accurate is time consuming. Reduce the time and expertise required to manually monitor and maintain models with an advanced digital twin that automates model maintenance.

Bridge the Knowledge Gap

Keep your models running at their optimum when your engineers move departments or leave the company.

Speed and Accuracy

As our platform is cloud based it gives you the flexibility to work with large datasets with speed and accuracy to achieve your process and energy goals.

Rich Data Analytics
Automated Workflow Orchestration
Data Intelligence and Insightful UI
Elastic Cloud and Scalable

Consistently monitor the health index of models through analytics. Alerts are sent to users when any prediction accuracy drifts in one or more assets across sites to avoid outdated digital twins being used for unit optimization and profitability studies.

Automate the workflow of profiling candidate cases based on quality and prediction analysis, running calibrations and tuning studies from within the web based application facilitating smart data handling. This saves time and increases employee productivity and engagement.

KBC Acuity Process Twin Pro is powered by C3 AI which applies ML and AI algorithms. This generates rich data analytics and optimization techniques which are used to effortlessly fine tune digital twins to enhance the accuracy and widen the operating envelope to mimic real unit responses to large operational changes.

We built KBC Acuity Process Twin Pro on the Yokogawa cloud to unify data, technologies, processes and people. The scalable, centralized platform enables asset management to be accessible by all business units. This holistic approach enhances the effectiveness of planning tools and processes with reduced effort and expertise.

Soni Malik - Profile Picture

Soni Malik

Product Management Senior Consultant

Meet our expert on Process Twin Pro

"The oil and gas industry is constantly affected by fluctuating prices, increasing expenses, and growing concerns about sustainability. However, with the Industrial Internet of Things, along with our first-principles models and engineering knowledge, we offer real-time monitoring and data-driven strategies that boost operational effectiveness. By using the KBC Acuity Process Twin Pro application, you can enhance efficiency, pinpoint missed opportunities, and even discover untapped sources of revenue."

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