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As organizations execute their digital strategies, they look to align decision-making, work processes and supporting data needs around their targeted business outcomes. KBC AcuityTM Industrial Cloud Suite, powered by Yokogawa Cloud Platform, simplifies and streamlines creation and delivery of decision support information to stakeholders in a wide range of workflows and applications important to improving efficiency and profitability in the process industries.

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Powerful Tools, One Environment

Even simple workflows can require data from multiple sources.  Basic and advanced analytics may be applied to different data sources and contexts. In complex workflows, the multiple analytics tools from various vendors may be employed. Different ‘end users’ may want to see the same data in differing ways. The result of these factors is often a work flow that depends on many manual steps, is labor intensive and hard to sustain.

These challenges are well addressed by cloud solutions. By enabling the secure integration of data, basic and advanced analytics, and visualization, KBC Acuity, powered by Yokogawa Cloud Platform, provides customers with a single environment for sharing, collaborating and decision-making. Maximizing the effectiveness of limited human capital – your people – by focusing them on high value add decision making tasks.

Integrate, Automate, Collaborate, Simplify, Secure

Modern cloud technology, combined with 20+ years of KBC cloud experience and extensive practical domain expertise facilitates a rapid, scalable solution deployment. The platform helps reduce time to value delivery, and the need for on-premise IT infrastructure and associated capital and support costs.

Collect, Manage and Share Data

Data driven organizations need to easily collect, manage and share data. The data may be consumed by internal stakeholders, analytics applications and external business partners to create value. KBC Acuity leverages the 20+ years of KBC cloud experience in securely acquiring real time data from a wide range of sources. Data is securely managed and can be shared with analytics applications, and both internal and external business partners.

Integrate Data and Analytics

Managing data and analytics in the same secure environment is at the heart of KBC Acuity. The design and analytics are at the core of many value generating workflows. Integration with first principles simulation engines and AI application is built-in. KBC Acuity simplifies and streamlines deployment of simple and complex analytics to streamline work processes, add value to data and improve productivity.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and notifications are essential for focused employee productivity as data and analytics volumes increase. With this in mind, KBC Acuity provides users with a flexible alerting and notification capability to monitor both data streams and analytics results, ensuring that your employees are aware of excursions and can react quickly.

Decision Support Tools

To make decisions users must be able to easily interpret data and analytics outputs. KBC Acuity ICS contains flexible visualization and reporting tools to support decision-making, drawing on the common data store where input and outcome data reside.

Simple Analytics
Advanced Analytics
Integrated Cyber Security
Data Reliability Monitoring
Visualization and Reporting
Alert Management
Operations Monitor Upstream Overview Facility

KBC Acuity analytics are based on simple and complex algorithms and calculations to identify anomalies. Users receive an alert for potential deviations from normal operations, deviations in data quality, equipment malfunctions, and others.  Some examples are smart alerts, integration with engineering and simulation tools, UX improvements.

Adding value to data diagram

KBC Acuity integrates first principles simulation artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools to produce high level insights for operations and strategic decision making. The introduction of AI/ML technologies is the last stage of the analytics journey.  As the users are more familiar with all the previous stages, and their level of knowledge and confidence increases in the previous stages, the ability to accept more advance technologies becomes a reality.  Compatibility with AI/ML to predict failures and anomalies are a reasonable next step in the journey.

Yokogawa security standards

Yokogawa is committed to delivering security and safety excellence to our customers. Our engineers are always trained to meet the highest Global Security Standards.

Multi-level, cloud-based cyber security network protects infrastructure and operations against threats while meeting governance and compliance rules.

Operations Monitor data chart screenshot

Data reliability consists of the insights and process by which your data is highly available, of high quality, and timely. For data to be considered reliable, it must be free from errors, inconsistencies, and bias. Reliable data is the foundation of data integrity, which is essential for data quality management and to maintain customer trust and business success.

Operations monitor upstream screenshot Asset overview

It is essential to reduce the number of interfaces used by the end users. With KBC Acuity you can securely integrate data management with cloud-based tools for data visualization and reporting, streamlining work processes and boosting employee productivity.  Using the concept of a single pane of glass, KBC Acuity facilitates the visualization of insights, KPIs, and predictive and prognostics analytics results in a common platform with integrated data. It allows to visualize real-time data along with transformed information. 

Pre-canned and ah-hoc reports facilitates the ability to integrate and organize data elements in a way that can be easily organized and shared by end users. 

Operations monitor upstream screenshot active alerts

Alerts are a natural extension of the notification capabilities of the KBC Acuity platform. The integration with the rules engine makes it straightforward to automate the creation of alerts.

Alerts Management and Framework with escalations and SMS/Email notifications. KBC Acuity offers Service Delivery Models and Alert Types such as Published, Private and Assigned to articulate and take advantage of any warning and insights.

A very important function of IoT applications is the usage of notifications. Notifications are sent through various channels – they can take the form of an SMS or email.

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