Energy Cost and Emission Reduction Management and Compliance

Wind power plant and technology

Energy Management and Optimization

The energy landscape is drastically changing because of the global concern to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. As a result, companies are aware of energy’s impact on overall costs and emissions.

For large-scale process plants, energy typically accounts for 50% of operating expenses (that is, excluding the feedstock). Consequently, an energy reduction of 10% can often improve margins by 5% and, at the same time, reduce GHG emissions.

Whether a company uses traditional energy, renewable energy, or a mix, there is a need to find a cost-effective way to deal with it and transition to net zero GHG emissions while remaining profitable.

To increase profits and reduce GHG emissions, energy management and optimization is naturally the first place to look. Providing real-time information about current emissions and making accurate decisions based on first principle models will bring emissions and energy reduction to the next level in your energy transition. Our digital technologies, Visual MESA® energy management system integrated with process simulation, are designed for monitoring and optimization of multiple sources of energy, including the incorporation of renewables. Energy transition also involves accelerated and increasing regulatory and investor pressures, which demand for process industries.

Energy and Emissions Monitoring with Auditable Reporting

The objective of Energy and Emissions Monitoring and Reporting is to enhance the performance of energy systems by providing monitoring capabilities, including calculation of KPIs, tracking, reporting, and alarming to reduce cost and GHG emissions, all under an auditable environment allowing compliant emissions reporting and tracking as imposed by official authorities. The Visual MESA energy management system has a holistic approach that covers Scopes 1, 2, and 3.

Energy Real Time Optimization

Visual MESA Energy Real-Time Optimizer (VM-ERTO), in advisory or closed loop mode, offers a real-time solution for modeling and optimizing energy systems to enable sustained energy savings and emissions reduction over time.

Virtual Power Plants including Renewables

Virtual power plants include multiple energy sources from decentralized assets, including renewable energy sources. In addition, Visual MESA Multi Period Optimizer (VM-MPO) offers autonomous real-time scheduling and planning capabilities for energy systems.