Work Process and Decision Making

Digitalization is inescapable and forecasted to accelerate. Yet, less than 5% of real-time data is used for business improvement. The substantial benefit is unlocked by automating data analysis and delivering outcome-focused information to stakeholders, who can make better decisions, drive business impact, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience. This is a central principle of digitalization and a foundational step in KBC’s digitalization roadmap to success.  

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KBC digitalization roadmap

Design and Implement Real-time Data Enabled Work Processes

A digitally wise approach creates a vision unique to the client. It identifies how technology can adapt to change, embrace innovation, and continuously improve work processes.

The Digital Services team at KBC is designed to give clients the information and resources needed to understand their digital transformation process, including the role of data, data systems, analytics, and work process improvements across all steps in the digitalization roadmap. In addition, KBC collaborates with clients to determine the scope of activities required to deliver reliable, sustainable solutions and deliverable ROIs.

The Digitalization Journey

Digital Readiness

Ensuring your data, digital Infrastructure, and people are ready, as well as baselines against which changes to the data can be measured.

Situational Awareness

Focusing the teams' efforts on value-added work by presenting them with timely information about current performance.

Decision Making

Enable robust and faster decision-making by integrating the analytics core to your work processes.

Deliver Value from Digital Twins

Pinpoint and resolve performance gaps faster by employing digital twins.

Eliminate Unexpected Downtime and Achieve Safer Operations

Data Integration and Readiness
Experienced PI Specialists
Process Expertise
Work and Business Process Design
Digital Twin Integration
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A fundamental part of running a successful business is having access to meaningful data.

Cutting through the complexity of data and bringing it to life allows businesses to create a truly engaging experience. KBC teams un-silo and cleans your data, freeing it to be trusted and used effectively. As a result, clients connect customers, employees, and operations seamlessly to connect all data and actionable information, giving you insight into every aspect of your business.

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KBC experts have deep domain experience delivering value from real-time data using the OSIsoft PI platform. The more data you have, the better your opportunity to uncover business trends. This includes collecting, monitoring, and managing data, organizing and analyzing data differently, and ensuring data compliance. OSIsoft PI allows us to integrate data processing, data management, and analytics strategies into your business operations to help you streamline your data management and gain a competitive edge.

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KBC consultants understand the underlying process operations and data and have the expertise to work closely with technology teams. Our team of experts helps you create a vision and digitalization roadmap for your business. Then, they guide you through prioritizing, implementing, and refining your solution. We are committed to helping you better manage your technology to create impact and value company-wide.

Deliver actionable data to the right stakeholders, promoting a focus on decision-making and business outcomes. KBC operations consultants optimize and simplify the design of technology-integrated workflows. This starts with a clear understanding of the workflow, how it affects business outcomes, the data needed for effective decision-making, and underlying process models. 

Our consultants evaluate the workflow steps, tools, and data critical to the objective of the work process and develop an automation and integration plan that provides a seamless user experience.

Digital twin industrial technology

Sustain a successful business strategy, mapping the changes and building real-time, predictive models to improve work processes continuously. Companies face a rapidly changing digital landscape as the demand for data-driven decision-making increases. KBC integrates digital twins to leverage the power of advanced modeling to improve business operations, increase productivity, and drive sustainable profit improvement.

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Gabriel Bellido

Pre-Sales and Product Manager Digital Technology

Meet our expert on Digital Transformation and IIoT

"KBC is a trusted digital partner. Where many companies work as IT or PI consultants, our team is never going to sit down in a meeting and ask what you want us to install or what you want to see in a display. Instead, you will be supported by a team that fully understands your business goals and priorities because they know the people, the assets, the practices, and the systems. This is when Digital Transformation really occurs: when people, assets, practices, and systems are considered as an integrated set and aligned to the corporate vision or business model."


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