Digital Twin – Powering Decision Making

Technical and operations managers are accountable for optimizing profitability, maintaining safety and reducing the carbon footprint of their assets. Powered by KBC class-leading simulation engines, data integration, and visualization, the KBC Digital Twin provides process insights leading to effective and efficient decision-making to help realize these goals.

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Digital twin smart factory
Digital Twin concept diagram

Scalable Solution for Performance Improvement

Comprehensive and consistent insights into an operating asset are often lacking or difficult to access due to issues with data quality/availability, limited access to knowledgeable experts, and siloed communication.

The KBC Digital Twin, with a process simulation/production model at its core, is a powerful tool to help design, monitor, troubleshoot, optimize, forecast, and plan single unit and full asset performance. It provides underlying performance information, automates the collection and validation of data, and delivers the analysis through visualization and reporting tailored to specific consumers.

Whether looking to perform asset monitoring, LP assurance, predictive analytics and/or equipment reliability and performance improvement, the KBC Digital Twin is a core component of workflow digitalization strategy, delivered 'on  prem' or via KBC AcuityTM Industrial Cloud.

KBC Acuity Digital Twin

Deploy digital twins, quickly and at scale using KBC Acuity Industrial Cloud. Combine class leading simulation technology with operating data to deliver digital process twins cost effectively, sustainably and securely at scale on a leading edge cloud native platform.

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Effective Visualization

Targeted and intuitive visualization of results and insights is key to democratizing the digital twin, ensuring that all stakeholders have easy access to the information they need for optimal decision-making.

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Integrated Process Expertise

The KBC Digital Twin design incorporates KBC’s wealth of operating experience, so the Digital Twin delivers the results and insights which are key to optimizing the performance of your specific units and facilities.

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Simulation Core

The KBC Digital Twin is underpinned by world-class software capable of simulating a single unit through to an entire asset over a range of industries: upstream, refining, LNG, polymers, petrochemicals and energy.

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Digital Carbon Management

Business managers are being driven to kick start and steward the energy transition through the alignment of decarbonization goals. Real-time process and utilities digital twins are key tools in identifying, implementing and sustaining lower carbon intensity operations.

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Digital Transformation

The KBC Digital Twin concept is an integral, value-adding component of Digital Transformation programs that are being adopted across the energy and process industries.

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Philippa Hayward - Profile Picture

Philippa Hayward

Technical Pre Sales Manager

Meet our expert on Digital Twins

"Process simulation has long been used by chemical engineers like myself to help design, monitor, and optimize our units/assets. The Digital Twin streamlines our work processes and gives colleagues across business lines direct access to the insights simulation technology can bring, helping us all to make better decisions, faster."

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