Maximus® integrated production and transport network modeling software (IPM) with field planning capabilities allows modeling of the entire asset from the reservoir to facilities throughout the whole life of the field, providing engineers with unique insights for optimal decision-making in design and operations.

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Maximus screenshot hydrates and wax potential

Maximizes Production Performance

Maximus equips production and flow assurance engineers with the capability to evaluate the true asset potential over the life of the field. It provides key insights into the risks associated with obstructions to the flow, such as hydrates, waxes, asphaltenes, liquid holdup, emulsions, and asset integrity, including corrosion and erosion. As an effective collaboration and communications tool, Maximus expedites the engineer's decision-making to help control costs and production losses in design and operations.

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Maximus Integrated Asset Modeling Benefits

Production Optimization

Evaluate the strategies, risks, and true asset potential of production to meet targets while optimizing production across the life of the field.

Production Assurance

Assess, monitor and mitigate flow assurance and asset integrity risks to reduce maintenance costs, and avoid downtime and production losses.

Smart Reporting

Gain immediate access to the entire body of information enterprise-wide to improve interdepartmental communications and decision-making.

Integrated Asset Management

Improve the accuracy of the project's design to minimize misalignments and misconceptions while boosting operational efficiency.

Open Interface

Connect custom engineering workflows seamlessly with historian and SCADA simulators to manage and enhance production while reducing risk.


Forecast and manage transport and storage of CO2-rich gas mixtures to monitor pressures, flow assurance risks, and transport and storage capacities.

Maximus Integrated Production Modeling and Flow Assurance Software

Enhanced modeling solution to optimize design and operations strategies.

Alessandro Speranza - Profile Picture

Alessandro Speranza

Global Portfolio Manager

Our expert on Maximus

"While dynamics and steady states simulations are well-established concepts and standard practices of every asset design or asset management projects, life of field simulations are often confined to small groups of engineers in field planning and field development activities. As a result, the slow, but continuous evolution of the reservoir and the asset over the life of field, cannot be captured by either transient or steady-state modeling. This causes sub-optimal design, excessive design margins, and costly operations. In some cases, this may induce catastrophic incidents and production losses."

As CCS projects move from ideas and plans to concept, design, and execution, the need for integrated modeling between facilities and reservoir becomes even more pressing. Maximus is unique in that capability, conjugating accurate compositional thermo-hydraulic and flow assurance with subsurface and life of field simulations to provide engineers with unique insights and tools for rapid decision-making in design and operations.

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