WellShare acts as a data broker platform for operating and non-operating partners in Oil and Gas facilities.

It simplifies the secure collection, sharing and organization of near real-time data from remote facilities involved in oil and gas production.  Secure data sharing is significantly simplified for the operators and JV partners benefit from near real time visibility on the performance of their investment, without spend on IT Infrastructure.

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Simplified Visibility on Remote Asset Performance

Oil and Gas production facilities require huge investments, with the result that multiple partners often participate in a given asset, with the non-operating partners being entitled to operating data access.

For operating partners making this data available to multiple parties can be an IT and security headache. For non-operating partners receiving and process data manually is labor intensive and expensive, and receiving it automatically may require investment in IT systems and support that is not core to their business. This situation is further escalated in scenarios where a company is a JV partner in many assets

WellShare simplifies the data sharing process for both operators and partners, by assuming responsibility for secure collection, management, and sharing the permitted data, along with proactive monitoring of data flows.

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Why Use WellShare

Collect and share any type of information needed for production and equipment performance analysis with early visibility on production declines, or other anomalies.

Reduced Costs

Lower IT capital and support costs for operator partners through use of KBC’s Secure Cloud Infrastructure.

Simplified Workflows

With simple access to operating data analysts and production engineers have more time to focus on value added analysis, such early recognition of production anomalies and efficiency improvements.

Secure Cloud Solution

Multi-level, cloud-based cyber security network protects infrastructure and operations against threats while meeting governance and compliance.

Production Insights

WellShare facilitates identification of potential production anomalies such as oil declines or water increases for further investigation using alerting, visualization and reporting capability.

Mitigate Oil Production Decline

Reduce production losses using simple analytics to pinpoint anomalies while monitoring oil production data combined with automated alerts.

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Rolando Gabarron

Senior DX Product Manager

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"The Data Broker capability of WellShare is the core of maximizing data utilization. We encourage the transition and transformation of that data into useful information and insights tailored to all stakeholders and personas."

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