Careers with KBC

Our recruitment strategy hinges on a thorough understanding of our processes to successfully satisfy our long-term needs for talent. We do this by not only getting to know you but also understanding your goals and unique needs. Then, we recruit professionals whose core values resonate with our values to ensure a cultural fit where employees can flourish to achieve their full potential. If you feel you have those same characteristics and wish to join an ambitious company, we would love to hear from you. 

Avanpal Sehmi
Juan Chiovetta
Brenda Sollier
Louise Maratos
Gail Banks

Why we love working at KBC

Avanpal Sehmi

Graduate Engineer

"As a graduate engineer at KBC, I am at the forefront of process engineering digitalization and innovation. From day one, I have worked with clients globally to design and implement advanced digital solutions to monitor and optimize their energy systems. KBC provides an exciting work environment that challenges me to adapt and grow professionally. It is an excellent company to commence your process engineering career."

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Juan Chiovetta

Technology Services Consultant, Technical Lead, SST - South America

"My joy for working at KBC stems from multiple criteria such as skill development support, the variety of challenging engineering and technology projects, the opportunity to work on projects abroad, the liberty of working at home or remotely, and more. However, what I like most are the people. The diversity of KBC's global family is enormous. Every day, there's the chance to interact with people in other cultures pursuing…

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Brenda Sollier, Ph.D.

Software Services Engineer

"I enjoy working at KBC because I am continuously exposed to new challenges that encourage me to exploit my full potential. Working at a leading software company in the energy and chemical industry exposes me to the industry's latest innovations. This motivates me to continuously sharpen my skill set and knowledge to support our clients in their pursuit of sustainability, energy savings, emission reductions and decarbonization…

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Louise Maratos

Head of Global Consulting Delivery

"As a passionate chemical engineer, I love the challenge of bringing consulting and technology solutions together to deliver real bottom-line value to our clients. Working at KBC, gives me the opportunity to grow both technically in designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions while geting the support I need to develop as a leader.  There is no one day, project, or client that are the same and, therefore, one…

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Gail Banks

Executive Assistant to Shige Uehara, CEO

"I have been part of the KBC team since September 2015. In addition to thoroughly enjoying my role supporting our CEO and Global Leadership Team, I fully appreciate the people that I communicate with daily. KBC attracts high-level professionals, and the company is moving in an agile way to support the oil and gas industry as we embrace digitalization.

I am proud to work for a company with core values such as…

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Our values

Create value

We are grateful to our clients – they enable our basic needs to be met. We are grateful to our peers – their respect and collaboration enables us to perform and create value. We are grateful to our families who understand when we have to work late or travel. Gratitude grounds us – it makes us realize that without the help of others we cannot grow and be fulfilled.


This is the ability to see and celebrate the value in ourselves and others. We respect each other so that individuals can exercise initiative and attain self-fulfillment. We respect that our clients may not always know what they want but they always know what they need. Respect is earned by giving as well as receiving, listening not just hearing, and embracing differences. We attack the problem, never the person.


Everyone should sleep well at night. We should practice our business under the principles of fairness and openness. We follow all applicable laws. We are guided by a moral and ethical compass. For us there is no “grey area.”

Create value

Only if we create value can we expect our clients to continue to buy from us. Value creation must guide our actions to heighten our worth in the eyes of our peers, our supervisors and our clients.


We believe in collaboration as a tool to achieve mutual objectives. With our clients we coin this as “Co-Innovation”. Among ourselves we understand that collaboration means the whole of what we produce is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

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Our people and our culture

We are proud of who we are and what we stand for.

We are shaping the future of the Energy and Chemical industry. Our people are the best the industry has to offer, bringing decades of commercial and technical expertise into a unique working culture that is geared towards both innovation and customer value sustainability. KBC offers a dynamic, challenging and highly rewarding working environment.

Our values serve as the foundation of our culture of excellence – they guide our services, our products and our communications. Being a part of KBC stands for something important which our customers buy into. We are committed to sustainabilty and helping our clients to decarbonize, and achieve this by pairing advanced and robust technological solutions with the very best talent.



Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Diversity is the combination of everything that make us uniquely ourselves which enables KBC (A Yokogawa Company) to succeed. By fostering and committing to a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Culture where everyone has a strong sense of Belonging, we have a better opportunity to:

  • Deliver on our commitments
  • Co-create Value
  • Have High-Performing Teams that can co-innovate tomorrow, and
  • Enable “wins” in any environment by pooling unique talents and perspectives to drive business performance.

The more diverse we are, the better we understand and anticipate our customers’ needs globally.

KBC embraces and celebrates the differences amongst individuals and recognizes that building a Diverse & Inclusive environment means that diverse contributions and opinions must be sought, valued, accepted, and assimilated into our culture at large in support of our Core Values.

KBC pledges to:

  • Build an organization that values differences and enables everyone to Belong, contribute, succeed, and demonstrate their full potential.
  • Actively recruit, develop, and promote people from a variety of backgrounds who differ in terms of experience, knowledge, thinking styles, perspective, cultural background, or socioeconomic status. We will not discriminate based on race, skin color, age, sex, gender identity and expression, nationality, ethnicity, place of origin, disability, family relations or any other circumstances against any person associated with the Group.
  • Engage in communication and constructive collaboration based on mutual respect facilitates innovation and the co-creation of new value for our customers, partners, suppliers, and in so doing, improves our planet.

Reasons to Work With KBC

Flexible Working
Competitive Packages
Retirement Savings Plans
Wellbeing of Our Team
Mentoring & Training
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KBC fully supports their employees with flexible work schedules. Flexibility is an important element of the strategy and commitment at KBC to:

  • Thrive in the new work environment after the Covid pandemic
  • Support a positive work-life balance for our employees
  • Attract and retain employees, and
  • Promote the inclusion and diversity of our workforce. 

KBC recognizes modern working practices that enable employees to maximize their performance and productivity, while maintaining a positive attitude and a good work-life balance that leads to increased job satisfaction. 

We offer many roles with the option to work remotely, in the office, or a hybrid format. 

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Specific benefits vary by country. In general, we offer competitive compensation packages that include reward incentives, medical & life insurances, retirement savings plans, employee assistance programs, and paid time off programs.

The Transparency in Coverage US regulation (TiC) requires health plans to release machine-readable files of their in-network negotiated rates and out-of-network allowed amounts. UnitedHealthcare and Surest create and publish the machine-readable files on behalf of KBC. To view the machine-readable files, please click on the following: United Healthcare and Surest.

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Regardless of your savings goals, we offer Retirement Savings Plans designed with you in mind. 

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Our top priority across the globe is the health and safety of our employees whether they are at the office, at home or at a client site. Our focus on maintaining a work/life balance helps ensure the wellbeing of our employees and their families. Through the Employee Wellbeing Program, employees are provided a wealth of resources such as webinars, activities, and other information on a weekly basis to support overall wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

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KBC continuously invests in the growth of individual skills and talents, as we understand the desire for career development and advancement. Professional development can be as simple as getting informal mentoring for practical guidance and support or other on-the-job training opportunities such as attending workshops or industry conferences.  As a benefit, KBC also offers a Tuition Assistance Program after one year of service for all full-time employees.

Job Vacancies

DaaS Senior Consultant

Alberta, Canada

We are looking for a Senior Consultant capable of analyzing and proposing solutions to customer requests, inquiries, and challenges in overall management of real-time data and cloud applications.

More details

More details

 OT/IT Services Consultant

Houston, TX

We are recruiting for an OT/IT Services Senior Consultant with programming skills to join our North America team!

 OT/IT Services Consultant

Houston, TX

We are recruiting for an OT/IT Services Senior Consultant with an engineering background to join our North America team!

Technical Pre Sales Consultant (Visual MESA Pre-Sales and Implementation Consultant)


We are looking for a Technical Pre Sales Consultant (Visual MESA Pre-Sales and Implementation Consultant) to join the Technology team in Singapore.

Technology Engineer

Barcelona, Spain

We are looking for a Graduate Chemical Engineer to join our Technology Support, Services and Training team in Barcelona, Spain.

More details

More details

Technology Services Senior Consultant

Barcelona, Spain

We are looking for a Senior Consultant to join our Technology Services team in Barcelona, Spain

R&D Sr Engineer (Front-End Developer) - Spain


As a Front-End Developer you will be responsible for helping with the development and migration of KBC applications to Angular web applications. You will be required to build and maintain relationships with KBC’s applications development teams in order to create base abstract applications that can be reused and extended by these teams.

R&D Consultant


As a Full-Stack Developer you will be responsible for helping with the development and migration of KBC applications to Angular web applications and the redesign of the application backends. You will be required to build and maintain relationships with KBC’s applications development teams.

Intern - Chemical Engineering

Walton On Thames

Would you like to complete your placement for a global software, digital and services company within the Energy and Chemical industry?