Energy Transition Readiness

Preparing Your Organization for The Energy Transition

Making the progress with the proper urgency to meet or exceed 2030 and 2050 targets requires a coordinated effort across all levels of an organization. KBC helps bridge the gap between intention and action.

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Organizing for Success

Some companies are making faster and more impactful progress along their energy transition roadmaps than others. Experience shows that, even with clear targets and baselines set, without the right levels of management attention, project execution discipline, and progress monitoring, emissions reduction delivery will underperform and put target achievements at risk.

Dress for Success

Organizational Design

Ensuring energy transition gets the attention and priority it needs.

Process Optimization

The role all business processes play in achieving energy transition.

Operations Automation

Autonomous operating systems are a reality in off-shore and on-shore complex operating systems.

Monitoring and Measurement

Using monitoring systems and measurement devices to keep track of progress.

Readiness Assessment

KBC provides a detailed assessment of client's business models along the strategic, organizational design, and business performance axes.

Operational Model Design
Business Structure
The 4DS Framework
Aligning Requirements with Strategic Intent
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Business model example

The highest performing companies and thus those most likely to make the Net Zero energy transition journey successfully are those whose business model is designed and aligned from its high-level outputs through to its functional capabilities while being centered around safe and sustainable operations.

Inputs to inform business model structure

Elements informing business model structure

KBC works across three dimensions to inform the business model design; Strategic Intent, Organizational Design, Assigned Business Capabilities.

KBC 4DS Model

Using 4DS framework to design and implement key workflows

KBC has used its proprietary 4DS framework successfully in hundreds of client engagements to achieve significant and lasting organizational change impact. Those elements are Define, Discover, Develop, Deliver and Sustain and they inform all corporate development across the entire organization.

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Alignment of intent, short-term objectives, core competencies and measured outputs

KBC’s detailed mapping of requirements, actions and measured outcomes means no advantage is unused, no objective ignored, and no process underweighted. This broad engagement minimizes the risks of misalignment and poor follow-through in what will be a difficult and unpredictable transition.

Hydrogen renewable energy production facility

Operations Readiness Assessment

A KBC client was converting a traditional oil refinery to process renewable diesel. The project required converting an existing hydrotreater and installing an additional unit and hydrogen plant. Included in the project was repurposing existing facilities to produce new products. The client needed to train and develop new operations staff by providing new knowledge and skills associated with operating a renewable diesel plant compared to a traditional oil refinery.

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Raquel Neiva

Product Management Senior Consultant

Meet our expert in Petro-SIM process modeling

“One of KBC’s distinctive capabilities is its ability to help clients achieve deep sustainable change, which is surely what the journey to Net Zero will require. Beyond the simulation, the detailed modeling, and the experience with process operations, KBC brings a deep and proven organizational change kit to drive impactful change from the C-suite to the shift operations and associated functions. I enjoy working for a company that helps its clients achieve lasting success.”

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