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Unlocking Value From Data to Enhance Decision Making in Upstream Operations

Mar 27, 2024
Written by Rolando Gabarron and Michelle Wicmandy

Learn how to extract maximum value from your data using the cloud to enhance decision making and optimize operations in real time.

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Navigating Innovation and Collaboration to Bring Decarbonization to Life

Feb 29, 2024
Written by Michelle Wicmandy and Prachi Chapman

Highlights from the KBC 2023 Technology User Group Meeting.

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Powering Tomorrow’s Refineries

Oct 18, 2023
Written by Michelle Wicmandy and Carlos Ruiz

At the recent LARTC conference, we discussed who energy and GHG emissions management drives sustainability.

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How to Power Energy Cost Savings

Aug 07, 2023
Written by Michelle Wicmandy and Michiel Spoor

We explain a simple methodology called the Price Equivalent Efficiency which can be used to boost the efficiency of shaft-power production in your chemical plant.

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Clean Energy Transition Gains Momentum with the Inflation Reduction Act

Jul 10, 2023
Written by Michelle Wicmandy and Michiel Spoor

Are you aware of the various climate change-related initiatives offered by the IRA? Meeting the 2030 goals may not require significant changes on your part. We examine some of the projects and incentives by the US government.

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Energy Efficiency Projects in the Era of Decarbonization

Jun 27, 2023
Written by Michelle Wicmandy and Michiel Spoor

KBC experts share their insights on the latest technologies and opportunities available to the oil and gas downstream industry as it moves towards a low-carbon future.

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Destined to be a Chemical Engineer

Jun 22, 2023
Written by Claire Bogle

Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day, we chat to Amaka Waturuocha about her career as an R&D Senior Consultant which all began with an online career aptitude test.

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Curbing Emissions Flow Assurance Models Unlock the Power of CCUS

May 09, 2023
Written by Alessandro Speranza and Michelle Wicmandy

Find out how carbon capture and storage (CCS) can play a key role on your path to net zero and how Multiflash can help you discover the accuracy of your thermodynamic models for CCUS applications.

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Industrial Gas Leaders PACE Up Performance and Decarbonization Efforts

Apr 13, 2023
Written by Fady Kantara

Advanced process control solutions boost manufacturing efficiency by making more with less energy.

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Multivariable Process Control Forges Path Toward Decarbonization

Apr 04, 2023
Written by Brian Burgio

The 3 ways Multivariable Process Control (MPC) software enables refineries and petrochemical plants to drive processes to their optimum operating point while helping to reduce energy consumption and still meet product demand.

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PACE Economic Functions for Optimal Control

Mar 21, 2023
Written by Yong Yiu

Advanced control and estimation software includes economic functions which can be prioritized and can help define a controller’s optimization.

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Driving Change Management

Mar 08, 2023
Written by Claire Bogle

Celebrating International Women's Day 2023, we speak to Elena Cano about her career as a consultant.