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Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve Asset Management Excellence through Strategic, Process, Organizational, and Technology solutions, sustaining the highest safe & predictable availability at the lowest cost.

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Safe & Predictable Availability at the Lowest Cost

Today’s drive for decarbonization adds a further dimension to asset management to facilitate a predictable and steady-state operation, which is a prerequisite.

KBC asset management solutions provide a holistic approach to optimized asset management, building on existing platforms and systems to incorporate best practice characteristics and deliver unique solutions tailored to specific customer needs.

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Asset management benefits

Sustaining the highest safe & predictable availability at the lowest cost is essential in achieving and maintaining competitive performance.

Leading operators deliver levels of integrity and availability that are 2-8 % higher than their competition, at 20-35% lower cost, which contributes significantly to higher returns on capital employed for their organizations.

KBC consistently delivers significant and sustainable benefits, contributing to improved bottom-line performance.

Holistic Approach

KBC asset management solutions are driven by an overall strategy tailored to your needs. This is underpinned by the design and implementation of end-to-end work processes executed by the right organization with the right capabilities and the best use of technology. In addition, we concentrate on what delivers the most value and understand the economic drivers.

Sustainable Change

Achieving asset management excellence requires organizational change management. Through KBC's proven methodologies and change management techniques, our consultants "think like an operator" and engage client organizations to deliver and sustain cultural change with embedded capability.


KBC's asset management solutions consultants have an extensive operational background with an average of over 20 years of hands-on experience in maintenance, reliability, and turnaround roles. Our asset management capability enables effective collaboration with our clients to maximize value.


KBC utilizes world-class processes and has a proven track record of developing and implementing sustainable improvements. KBC asset management solutions have been deployed successfully across a global portfolio of clients in the energy and chemical industry, including Upstream, Refining, Petrochemical, and Chemical sectors.

Asset Management Solutions

KBC works alongside our clients to provide sustainable asset management excellence through world-class strategic, process, organizational and technology solutions adapted for clients' unique situations.

Our asset management solutions consultants identify and implement the most appropriate processes and technologies to balance the long-term availability of assets against the need to push production to physical limits. In addition, monitoring conformance and managing compliance ensure plants continuously run at optimum operating constraints.

Turnaround Optimization
Maintenance cost v availability reliability safety graph

Asset management excellence is driven by clear strategic goals, enabling alignment of priorities with business objectives to maximize value. This ensures that the entire organization is focused on achieving common safety, compliance, availability, and efficiency goals.

We collaborate with our clients to ensure that asset management strategy is aligned with the market, setting clear objectives and targets while ensuring delivery through performance management and effective stakeholder engagement.

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The definition of clear, simple, and robust processes enables those involved to consistently and repeatably execute value-adding activities while developing capability and ownership, ensuring compliance, and delivering optimal performance.

For asset management, these processes include critical activities such as:

  • Routine Maintenance
  • Turnaround Optimization
  • Inspection
  • Reliability Improvement
  • Contractor Management
  • Minor Project Delivery
Operational discipline pillars

With strategic clarity, the organization understands asset management aims and objectives, which require cross-functional support to achieve. Defined roles and responsibilities ensure everyone involved understands their contribution to delivering work processes, developing capability, and effective decision-making, which enables strategic goals to be successfully achieved.

This extends outside of the client organization and includes main contractors that play a vital role in delivering excellence. As such, establishing the right contracting strategy to align objectives is key to achieving the best performance levels and results.

Operational Performance Improvement

Asset management technology overview diagram

Advances in technology over recent years have transformed capabilities in asset management. From data capture, analysis, and visualization to predictive analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence, to comprehensive digital twins and business process digitalization.

We deploy world-class technologies to provide people with the right information at the right time in a way that truly adds value to the business. We believe that digitalization is about the effective application of knowledge and information, rather than ‘just data’, enabling improved decision-making to achieve asset management excellence. Effective application of digital tools and technologies enables:

  • Achievement of strategic goals
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Improved organizational capability and decision making
  • Asset performance management and optimization
  • Reliability, maintenance, and integrity management
  • Continuous improvement

Find out more about our digital transformation solutions and technology.

Turnaround triangle diagram

Turnarounds represent the single largest factor contributing to lost availability and incurring significant costs. Therefore, realizing the right turnaround strategy (intervals, durations, unit clustering) is critical to sustaining the highest safe and predictable availability at the lowest cost.

KBC consultants apply our world-class Turnaround Optimization Program (TOP) to support our clients to deliver turnaround excellence, with a risk-based focus on:

  • Safety
  • Schedule
  • Quality
  • Cost

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Reliability Engineers are Wasting Your Time Only Telling You About Reliability

Leading operators deliver levels of integrity and availability that are 2% to 8% higher than their competition at 20% to 35% lower cost.

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Global Asset Management Solutions Leader

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"Sustaining the highest level of performance of the physical assets on any processing plant or facility is critical for business success. Through KBC's asset management solutions, we have successfully partnered with our clients to deliver real performance improvements. This greatly increases business profitability and potentially makes a loss-making business profitable, providing future security."

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