The Digital Twin For Production Optimization and Energy Conservation

18 mins

Digitalization is fundamental to the development of Repsol’s strategy for the future. To meet emerging challenges, the business units have developed an ambitious program comprising multiple projects. Within Repsol’s Industrial Business, development of a refinery digital twin leads the digitalization program. The digital twin allows the business to maximize production while optimizing energy consumption.

In this webinar Cristina Aguilar Garcia, Optimization & Simulation Advisor at Repsol will:

  • Explore the digital twin project objectives to improve the accuracy and scope of the Refinery LP model that the Programming and Planning departments use to make decisions regarding crude feedstock purchasing and refinery unit operations.
  • Report on the context of the business goals achieved, the technology and architecture developed, and the connectivity deployed to communicate results.
  • Conclude with a description of how enhancements to existing technology work with new technologies to improve value.