Production planning software

The combination of Chevron’s PETRO LP (linear programming) technology with KBC’s world-class rigorous simulation and supply chain management technologies and services brings a new dimension to molecular management and value chain optimization for oil refinery and petrochemical plants. Our models help you with operational and investment decisions including project evaluations, performance benchmarking, and feed and product pricing studies.

The software we offer

Our portfolio of software tools has been designed for you. They are based on our industry heritage solving the same problems as you. Our simulation software provides the insights you need to make the right decisions at the right time, throughout the asset lifecycle. Our execution tools support your people in flawlessly implementing work processes and actions.

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Our products and services

Your production planning will benefit from better accuracy, improved economic results, greater acceptance by operations and a more sustainable model.

  • Petro-SIM uses rigorous chemical and physical science to accurately model refinery and petrochemical processes and is used extensively for both process design and operating performance management
  • VM-SCS allows plant personnel to schedule and simulate operations on an integrated supply chain topological model, easily identifying possible imbalances between interdependent operations
  • VM-PA generates mathematical reconciliation models to detect losses, custody transfer errors and data input errors in support of mass loss detection leading practices
  • PETRO uses distributed recursive LP technology to give advice to traders on optimal bids for feedstocks. It processes thousands of variables to arrive at the most valuable operations parameters and the most economic mix of products to produce, buy or sell.

In combination, Petro-SIM will act as a digital twin of the plant, continuously connected to real-time data sources to faithfully maintain a calibrated accurate model of the plant. From time to time it will check the linear models in PETRO and automatically update them to match the linearized current operating envelope. Planning scenarios from PETRO based on up-to-date linear models will output to VM-SCS which will validate feasible and optimal schedule taking account of all upcoming commitments and constraints.


Refinery planning and reconfiguration

KBC was appointed by a Latin American customer to assist in the planning of a new refinery and the reconfiguration of their existing refineries. The customer's aim was to eliminate fuel oil production, increase transportation fuels and reduce imports of finished products.

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Other software

Simulation and optimization

Our simulation and optimization software goes hand-in-hand with robust business processes that support operational excellence. Our thermodynamics is the upstream industry standard and our refinery reactor models are the benchmark against which all other models are compared.

Supply chain software

Turning production plans into an executable end-to-end schedule that accounts for process, tank-farm and logistical constraints, Visual MESA Supply Chain Scheduling (VM-SCS) enables you to maximize utilization of your assets at minimum logistical costs.

Production and yield accounting

Visual MESA Production Accounting software captures all necessary information for the calculation of inventories and material movements in a given period. It is a must-have tool for mass loss detection in complex industrial environments.

Process unit data reconciliation

Visual MESA Production Accounting (VM-PA) allows engineers to build mass balance reconciliation models for closing individual process unit mass balances. It integrates the production accounting and engineering worlds so that each use the same single data source. The result is better engineering improvement opportunities and accounting balance for the organization.

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