Achieving Performance Improvement for the Petrochemical Process Supply Chain

1 hour

Petrochemical plants have undergone a dramatic increase in complexity and scale over the past decade. The challenges that result due to these varying operating conditions, perturbing key performance indicators (KPIs), affect how the unit performs.

In these complex petrochemical plants, precise monitoring, analysis, and forecasting is needed. Digitalization, advanced controllers, and real-time optimization tools ensure quality and identify bottlenecks, reducing waste, risks, labor, and overhead.

During this webinar, we will review the powerful Petro-SIM® integrated tool set and our decarbonization capabilities, which directly relate to the circular economy of the polymer market, and the entire petrochemical supply chain. Using this new solution, clients will be better equipped to determine how to optimize and decarbonize, where possible, the entire petrochemical and polymer supply chain.

Join this one-hour webinar to learn how Petro-SIM integrated tool set can help the entire petrochemical and polymer supply chain by:

  • Implementing process design, analyzing and addressing operational issues, and optimizing the process
  • Identifying emissions and decarbonization opportunities
  • Tracking carbon intensity and minimizing it while maximizing profit.