Asphaltene and Wax Formation Analysis in an FPSO and in a Refinery Webinar

1 hour

The precipitation of waxes and asphaltenes in crude oil can present numerous issues in the oil industry, from problems in upstream operations such as chokes, separators and wellhead facilities losing performance to fouling and hydraulic issues in oil processing plants and refineries. Multiflash® is a modern and robust thermodynamic engine that has been developed to rigorously model waxes and asphaltenes in oil, predicting with a high degree of accuracy the temperature, pressure and composition conditions favourable to the deposition of such components.

Using the capabilities of Multiflash, along with our Petro-SIM® process simulation software, engineers can easily:

  • Inspect different parts of a processing facility to determine the locations or pieces of equipment where issues with wax and asphaltene deposition can occur
  • Take corrective actions during operation or provide precise information for an adequate process design
  • Analyze deasphalting processes of heavy petroleum cuts which are typical in petroleum refining plants

We will discuss the following main topics during this webinar:

  • Common issues caused by the precipitation of asphaltenes and waxes
  • Asphaltene and wax modeling in Multiflash
  • Thermodynamic set up in Petro-SIM
  • Two case studies:
    • Asphaltenes and waxes in a FPSO facility
    • Asphaltenes tracking and removal in a Refinery
  • Future developments in Petro-SIM