Petro-SIM as a Dynamic Process Simulation Tool in OTS Environment

This whitepaper is intended for Petro-SIM®/OmegaLand customers who are seeking to see these widely accepted simulation tools to work together as a fully functional OTS solution.

KBC has more than 30 years of experience in process simulation software and consulting services for the energy and chemicals processing industries. Petro-SIM has been the go-to simulation platform for upstream, midstream and downstream refinery and petrochemical processes.

Along with already existing tools to optimize design, analyse, optimize and rigorously model kinetic reactors, Petro-SIM can be a one stop solution as a dynamic simulation engine for operator training now with OmegaLand. Petro-SIM has improved Process Data Tables customized to support the OmegaLand functionalities. The updated user interface in OmegaLand executes all the functionalities of Petro-SIM Dynamics through its own single interface.