The Journey to Net Zero: Evaluate the Economics of Renewable Diesel Production Using First Principles Simulation Model

1 hour

As the world seeks to reduce carbon emissions, Government policies and financial incentives (mainly in the US and Europe) have led to a steady demand for renewable fuels in the last few years. Renewable diesel made from hydrotreating of animal fats and vegetable oils has emerged as a very promising alternative to fossil diesel with more than 20 projects in various stages of development in US alone.

Refining companies have to comply with their Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) as mandated by various US Federal and State policies. If they do not produce renewable fuels, they need to buy the renewable fuel credits from those who manufacture them. Current credit prices are at a record high and are forecasted to be high in future too due to aggressive targets being set for the replacement of fossil fuels with renewables. Purchasing these credits can significantly affect a refiner’s margin.

In this webinar, you will learn how to use a renewable diesel model to evaluate the impact of processing various bio feedstocks in the refinery, whether as a co-processing or dedicated option.