How to Achieve Autonomous Operations

1 hour

Asset owners and operators must strive for no safety incidents, no unplanned outages, rigorous adherance to operating plans, nimble responses to changes and disturbances, a motivated and informed workforce and a culture of profitability. Industrial automation has a key role to play in achieving this. Beyond industrial automation, achieving autonomous operations is all about empowering the plant to run, learn, adapt, and thrive in tomorrow’s environment; whatever that environment might be. Plants must achieve the agile and efficient alignment of supply of premium products, as closely as possible to market demand, with sufficient resilience or operational flexibility to readily adjust production and exploit market opportunities.

This webinar by Advanced Optimization specialist, Simon Rogers, showcases the value of a new, holistic and integrated approach to dynamic real-time optimization incorporating supply chain planning, scheduling, optimization, advanced process control, simulation, advanced analytics and cloud to deliver a fast-automated plant response based on the actual changes in raw material properties, product demand, and operating conditions.