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As organizations execute their digital strategies, many look to align decision-making, work processes and supporting data needs around their targeted business outcomes. KBC cloud solutions simplify and streamline the creation and delivery of decision-support information to decision-makers in a range of workflows and applications. Our cloud technology and implementation experience facilitates rapid, scalable solution deployment reducing the time to realize productivity and profitability improvements as staff focus on taking value-adding action and reduced on-premise IT infrastructure costs.

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Powerful Tools, One Environment

Even simple workflows can require data from multiple sources. A mixture of basic and advanced analytics can be applied to different data sources and contexts. And different ‘end users’ may want to see the same data in differing ways.

These challenges are well addressed by our suite of cloud solutions. We enable the secure integration of data, basic and advanced analytics, and visualization in our cloud solutions providing our customers with a single environment for sharing, collaborating and decision-making.

Examples of specific applications of this technology are provided below. But if today you are using your limited human capital – your people – to undertake manual data processing and analytical tasks, then the KBC cloud solutions can be applied freeing these resources for higher-value tasks.

KBC Cloud Solutions


Easily share production and operating data to business partners to provide visibility on asset performance and collaborate on performance improvements.

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Improve supplier and customer experience and increase staff productivity though sharing meter data and analytics at scale.

Digital Inventory Management

Digital Inventory Management provides chemical consumers, producers, and distributors a single source of truth leading to substantial cost savings through improved inventory management.

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Cloud Based Equipment Monitoring

Yokogawa’s LoRaWan sensor with an Asset Monitoring Application is a subscription based cloud service for anomaly event detection for rotating equipment assets not already under continuous monitoring.

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Basic Analytics
Advanced Analytics
Integrated Cyber Security
Data Reliability Monitoring

Uses Smart Alerts with Boolean Operators to detect anomalies and deviations in data quality, data transmissions, equipment performance and more.

Integrate artificial intelligence, machine learning and first principles simulation tools to produce high-level insights for operations and strategic decision-making.

Multi-level, cloud-based cyber security network protects infrastructure and operations against threats while meeting governance and compliance rules.

Get alerts about data flow and communications issues to reduce the risk of lost data.

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