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Our suite of energy and utility software tools includes:

  • Visual MESA Energy Management (VM-EMS), consisting of Visual MESA Energy Real-Time Optimizer (VM-ERTO) and Visual MESA Energy Monitor (VM-EM), for energy and emissions planning, monitoring and optimization
  • Petro-SIM, for the design and engineering of utility systems
  • HX Monitor, for heat exchanger monitoring
  • SuperTarget, an advanced pinch analysis tool, for optimizing the design and revamp of heat exchanger systems

Our energy and utility software tools will allow you to:

  • Reduce energy and capital costs at the design stage:
    • Make utility configuration decisions, size equipment and build-in high efficiency, taking into account site specific economics and energy costs to maximize returns
    • Simulate and design standalone utility systems, or seamlessly integrate them into process models
    • Minimize energy costs through effective design of heat exchanger networks

  • Develop energy improvement revamps easily and accurately:
    • Identify improvement opportunities, evaluate benefits and predict future scenarios

  • Measure and manage energy costs in day-to-day operations:
    • Automatically acquire, reconcile, interpret and capture real-time energy performance data
    • Improve operational performance management with online monitoring, optimizing heat exchanger cleaning cycles and equipment maintenance planning
    • Use proprietary benchmark energy KPIs to ensure the optimum synergy of process and energy performance

  • Achieve real-time optimization of energy costs:
    • Forecast across multiple time periods to determine fuel import and power export commitments, enabling you to optimize major utility equipment running strategies
    • Optimize plant performance in real-time, responding to fluctuations in power grid pricing and demand
    • Automate prescriptive analytics to optimize energy costs within given constraints


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