Cloud computing

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence-as-a-Service is delivered through KBC’s Co-Pilot Program. Through a digital twin of your plant, it offers a second pair of expert eyes and uses our secure cloud-based solutions to ensure your operations always achieve their full potential. Our Co-Pilot experts come from the industry and have decades of practical experience.

Operational excellence delivered through Co-Pilot

Co-Pilot creates a live digital twin of process facilities in the cloud.

This live digital twin is then available through the Co-Pilot dashboard, allowing you to clearly see and understand performance and, in collaboration with KBC experts anywhere in the world, to identify opportunities for further improvement.

The value created and the risk mitigated by Co-Pilot results in significant economic returns of at least ten times that of investment. This is achieved through:

  • Fewer facility slowdowns through closer performance monitoring
  • Increasing the asset’s gross revenue by identifying opportunities to increase throughput
  • Boosting margins by increasing the production of higher value products and / or minimizing the quality ‘giveaway’
  • Knowledge transfer from KBC experts to the client engineers
  • Minimizing operating expenses by energy saving and reduced maintenance costs

Our cloud services


Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) serves the collaborative needs of the Energy and Chemical industry where the company needing access to real-time data is different from that generating the data. It includes our WellShare, WebTechnician, PowerShare, WebVMI and MeterShare services.


Operating Goals Manager (OGM) is the industry’s first real-time, DaaS-connected, cloud-based software application. It manages and tracks performance against goals and constraints to make continued compliance sustainable. Additional software applications from KBC can also be delivered using a SaaS service model.

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