Refinery Improves Data Reliability and Traceability

A European operator that refines crude oil for different owners that require separate accounting. They output 30,000 bpd crude oil producing USD 1 million tons of bitumen/ year.

The Challenge

The different owners require the operator to track ownership across the entire process from beginning to end. Providing this information is a complex and time-consuming manual process. one of the crude owners requested the operator to provide the crude oil recipe from which each batch of asphalt bitumen available in tanks had been manufactured. They wanted to account for the different qualities of bitumen (50/70, 70/100, and 160/200.


The operator has used Visual MESA® Production Accounting at this refinery for several years and was hoping the system could be modified to address this issue. KBC was successful in adapting their current counting model.

The Results

The model now automatically performs all the necessary calculations eliminating the need for intensive associated manual labor. Thanks to this improvement, the operator intends to apply for ISO-9001 and Marcado CE certifications.