Refinery Increases Productivity by Improving Business Process Workflows

The Challenge

A South American refinery invested USD 1.5 billion to increase capacity and improve their fuel quality. They wanted to modernize their operations by installing new business systems and upgrading existing ones in parallel. For better oil loss tracking, the company was moving from partial accounting to a site-wide accounting system as recommended by international standards. In addition, they would move from monthly to a daily accounting schedule.


The company had several on-going projects that would change the operating environment and needed a flexible production accounting system. It had to be robust enough to integrate with existing and new systems and be able to withstand the constant disruptive events that was likely to occur during implementation. Visual MESA® Production Accounting fit their requirements.

The Results

Visual MESA Production Accounting became the primary application for operators to input, calculate, and validate receipts and shipment data, as well as, inventory and tank movements, and process and utilities meters in an auditable environment. 

Now one integrated system has replaced the numerous spreadsheets the company previously used. The Visual MESA Production Accounting system increases their productivity, saves them time, and reduces errors.