Cloud computing


Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) serves the collaborative needs of the Energy and Chemical industry where the company needing access to real-time data is different from that generating the data. It includes our Well*Share, Web*Technician, Power*Share, Web*VMI and Meter*Share services.

The benefits of DaaS with KBC

DaaS acts as a broker between data generators and data recipients.

Because it is delivered as a cloud service, it means that the parties can simply connect existing data infrastructure (data loggers, smart devices, SCADA, historians, etc.) to the DaaS hub to send and/or receive data - no party typically has to install or maintain special equipment. A web-based portal is also available for visualization, reporting and notifications.

Because DaaS operates at arm’s length to each party, some of the benefits enjoyed are:

  • No additional IT support burden
  • Expandable and scalable
  • Conforms with each parties’ existing standards
  • Cost effective, secure and reliable
  • Avoids anti-trust issues (when the parties are also competitors)

With Well*Share, oil and gas producers can manage the performance of their assets even though operated by a 3rd party or joint venture partner. With Web*Technician, chemical companies manufacturing products sold on the basis of their performance can track the performance through their customer’s operations in real-time. With Power*Share, renewable energy generators can monitor assets operated by different contractors as a single fleet, by financial portfolio or by technology set. Other similar services serve the needs of vendor-managed inventory (Web*VMI) and pipeline nominations (Meter*Share).


Chemical supplier systematizes customer intimacy through cloud service

By collecting process data from its customer sites on how the chemical products supplied affect the desired performance (e.g. lack of fouling or corrosion or bacterial build-up), our customer aimed to provide best-in-class customer service through remote technical and sales support.

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Our cloud services


Operating Goals Manager (OGM) is the industry’s first real-time, DaaS-connected, cloud-based software application. It manages and tracks performance against goals and constraints to make continued compliance sustainable. Additional software applications from KBC can also be delivered using a SaaS service model.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence-as-a-Service is delivered through KBC’s Co-Pilot Program. Through a digital twin of your plant, it offers a second pair of expert eyes and uses our secure cloud-based solutions to ensure your operations always achieve their full potential. Our Co-Pilot experts come from the industry and have decades of practical experience.

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