Oil Major Solves Data Challenge

The Challenge

An oil major in the Gulf of Mexico formed a joint venture with a partner to mitigate risk. While they needed to share data, they did not want to connect their systems to each other for fear of data leaks. In addition, each company had their own unique data and security standards. WellShare allowed data sharing and maintained privacy.


The oil major chose to use the KBC WellShare cloud-based data sharing service due to its reputation. Almost every major oil producer uses WellShare services making it the de facto standard for real-time data sharing in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Results

The WellShare service provided the inbound and outbound data sharing the partners required while also allowing them to maintain their privacy. They were able to do so without having to make any changes to their own policies or systems. The oil major signed a 10-year agreement with KBC.

Customers report economic benefits of over USD 10,000 per well per day from use of these services.