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What happens when your workforce retires? Asia perspective

  • Date: From October 06, 2016
  • Duration: On demand
Asian refinery worker


In the Asia Pacific region we are seeing a trend of 25% of the workforce due to retire in 5 years. If this is what you’re seeing in your organization, you need to mitigate the effect this will have on productivity and revenue. Implementing an effective new hire competency development and assurance process will address knowledge retention and equip your junior staff with the skills and confidence they to get to the next level in their career.

In this On Demand webinar we will give you strategies to help you improve your workforce development plans, develop a multi-year change program and unleash the human potential in your operations crew by taking into consideration:

  • Learning pathways that accelerate the development of your operators
  • Enhancing the transfer of knowledge within your team
  • The role your supervisors play in promoting a learning organization